Weekends are for…

…spinning. At least, mine was. I spent most of Saturday and part of Sunday finishing up two hanks of roving that had been sitting in my ‘half done’ pile for way too long.

First up, I turned this:

Handpainted BFL

4oz of BFL from a vendor at Rhinebeck (Jazz ate the band so I have no idea who or what color it actually is – Kelly bought the other hank so she might be able to help…?)

Into this:

Rhinebeck BFL

268 yds of Navajo plied fingering weight.

Then I turned this:

oops I don’t have a ‘before’ photo…sorry!

The June 2007 Spunky Club offering of 4oz of BFL in ‘Tulips’ into:

Spunky Club - Tulips

190 yds of center-pull ball plied sport weight.

Regarding the center-pull ball way of plying, I found a new use for my Will Taylor lazy kate – since it has upright posts for the bobbins, it worked perfectly for my center-pull ball. I popped the ball right on one of those posts and voila! No need to get all tangled up in the ball while plying (until I reached the end and the ball wasn’t heavy enough to stay put on its own).

I also realized that I hadn’t put up all of my handspun into my Ravelry account so I dug up photos of this:

BFL - Rose Garden

4.4oz of BFL ‘Rose Garden’ bought on Ebay and spun into 618 yds of two-ply lace weight. This was completed October 30, 2006.

As usual, I don’t have a plan for any of these so they go into the basket! ;o)

Also, for those (like me) who are missing their weekly dose of Austen now that the series has ended on PBS, Jane Austen Today has a survival guide for you. ;o)

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14 thoughts on “Weekends are for…

  1. Ooooo pretty spinning! I’m almost tempted to forgo the knitting tonight and pull out one of the sadly neglected wheels.

    Risa’s last blog post..hai!

  2. That lovely spinning. It always amazes me how different yarns look depending upon how they’re plied. I didn’t know JA had ended and Sunday night I turned on PBS only to be dissappointed. :(.

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