He will be missed.

Things have been quiet on the blog this week because it’s hard to be ‘upbeat’ and ‘happy’ when you’re dealing with a big pile of stink.

Last Saturday we lost a friend. A good friend and a good man. Someone who we should have taken more time to get to know better before he passed. He left behind a young wife and two young children. He was 42. He was also a fireman.

Yesterday was his wake. Firemen from several local departments were there to pay their respects, it was a sea of blue dress uniforms and a sea of tears. Strong men showing heart felt grief to a stricken family from seeing one of their own taken too soon.

He did not die in a fire, he died from a terrible cancer that just would not let go.

He will be missed.

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28 thoughts on “He will be missed.

  1. That just sucks. 42 is too young and his poor children and wife will have a hole in their lives forever. Watching someone die and not being able to do anything about it has got to be one of the most devastating and horrible experiences there is and I hope that you, RR, and everyone else touched by this loss find solace in each other.

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