Earth Day!

First, let me thank everyone who sent their condolences regarding the last post. Knowing that you all care and had us in your thoughts during such a difficult time means a lot. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Now, back to regular blogging…

Did you see the Google logo today? Odds are good that you are probably already aware that today is Earth Day. I will be spending most of the day getting my veggie garden ready for planting (grow local!), finishing up the mulching from hell (conserve water!) and hopefully sitting outside with my wheel for a little bit (save my sanity!). I may have to run to the store so I’ll be sure to bring along my Envirosax bags ( also have RuMe bags on special for today only. They roll up into their own little package just like the Envirosax). I *heart* these bags and use them for everything – and since they’re so cute and pretty I hate to not use them which helps with remembering to bring them into the store with me. I even keep one in my purse ‘just in case’.

What will you be doing today (or every day) to observe Earth Day?

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11 thoughts on “Earth Day!

  1. I tend toward the reuseable grocery bags, too, plus planning my trips, and using the CFLs. We have Energy Star appliances, and run only full loads in the washer/dishwasher. (And believe it or not, for a full load, it’s waaayyy more efficient to run the dishwasher than to do ’em by hand!) We have “light patrol” so that we remember to turn off lights that we don’t need, as well as a few lights down in the cellar that turn themselves off if no motion is detected in the area for a while, just in case we forget about ’em. And, of course, I use my Longaberger Baskets ( when shopping or running errands of all sorts.

  2. I’m going to think about my garden and the seeds I’ll be starting. Unfortunately, I have to work today, after almost 3 weeks off. Blech!

    Happy Earth Day!

    I do love my fabric grocery bags!

  3. Hmm, we’re starting to use the reusable bags more and more. I’m off to look at your links, since I feel weird using a Stop and Shop back at A&P. Other than that, we cloth diaper Em, don’t turn the lights on during the day. I’m working on giving up my Dunkin Donuts habit because of the stupid styrofoam cups and am making more coffee to go.

    Someone mentioned “family” cloth to me recently (though only for #1) and it has my mind turning. Maybe because I’m the only female in the house.

    Cynthia’s last blog post..I heart spring

  4. I just read about your friend. I’m keeping his family and friends in my thoughts.

    Earth day… well I’m pretty environmentally conscious, but today I made special effort to not drive as much, beyond what I had to do.

  5. Sadly, I left a little carbon imprint on the planet by flying on an airplane today. However, it was one of the fairly new planes in JetBlue’s fleet. And instead of using a gas-guzzling car service to get home from the airport, I took the train. I hope that counts for something.

    Betty’s last blog post..Here we go again

  6. I’m sorry to hear about your friend J. I hope you are doing okay. That and taxes are done right!?!?

    I have some news to share with you too…..

    scoutj’s last blog post..Pshew!

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