This weekend…

…was CT Sheep & Wool in Vernon, CT. There were friends, fleece (no, I didn’t buy one – even though Cynthia tried *really hard* to talk me into one), and fun. Here are a few of my favorite photos:





…and finally, my loot:


Two skeins of BFL ‘Luster Sox’ from Dye Dreams, a needle felting holder and a WPI tool from The Wheel Thing. I know, not a lot there. Lately I’ve felt more comfortable with quality instead of quantity. ;o)

Oh and something I hadn’t blogged about before this – Dobby spent the past week in London on a school trip. She’s back, she had a great time, survived ‘fish & chips’ and having to wear a skirt to the theater. (oh the horror!) She even took a couple of good pictures, which I’ll be posting soon!

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17 Responses to “This weekend…”

  • Quality is good and spending time with friends is even better. Tell me about that sock yarn – it looks yummy!

    Caroles last blog post..Primavera Socks

  • It was great fun! You are right about quality. Don’t need no quantity.

    Lauries last blog post..Epidemic

  • I have to say, I really loved the colors of the Luster Sox yarn, such gorgeous intensity is right up my alley. I was good though and stuck to my shopping list. :)

    Julies last blog post..What came home

  • Lucky Dobby! But what’s wrong with fish & chips? Especially with vinegar drizzled all over it. Yum!

    The yarn looks gorgeous!

    Marinas last blog post..Child’s play

  • Darn, not only did I miss bumping into you, I missed that pretty sock yarn. That is exactly the kind of yarn I was looking for. Ah well, I wasn’t feeling very good, so we were only there for about an hour or so, and I didn’t buy any yarn. :( I made up for it at Webs yesterday though!!

  • London! Wowza! Can’t wait to see the pics!

    I got fingerprints all over my screen, trying to touch your Luster Sox! Looks like a great day. :-D

  • Quality is always better than quantity. Unless you can get a lot of something fab, of course. ;^)

    Lucky Dobby!

    Cookies last blog post..Blue Sky Cute Shoes

  • It was SO great to see you!!!

    I went looking for the “red fleece” but alas, could not find it! Good thing as it’s the last thing I need right now!!!!

    beverlys last blog post..Connecticut Sheep and Wool

  • Oh, the Luster Sox… they got me too! ;-) It was just too wonderful to pass up. I bought one skein and wish I’d allowed myself more than that.

    And I would be thrilled to get to eat fish and chips all week, especially in London, where they do it properly. Mmmmmmm! :-)

    Beth S.s last blog post..Festival Season

  • Manise:

    It was great seeing you! I also succumbed to the Luster- kept one and gave one to a friend who missed out. Then there was a Cormo fleece….. some soap…. and a dog training stick… and the ever so popular pierced wooden needle holder aka flea catcher :-)

  • Sorry to have missed you at Ct sheep and wool but we got there about nine and were out of there at 10:00 due to soccer games and buying presents for birthday parties. Looks like you came home with some nice loot!

  • Glad to hear that Dobby had a great time. Your yarn, etc. is lovely, but just think of all of the Red Heart you could have bought for the same price!

    Heides last blog post..Triple Blooms

  • Quality is better than quantity! Very nice finds. I’m glad Dobby had a good trip!

  • Your pictures get better and better every time I visit your blog! Sounds like a fun day and some very nice purchases. Wish I could have been there. CT was my first S&W and I miss it.

  • Great pictures! And for the record, I didn’t try “really hard.” I just pointed out the reasons you should buy it. That they happened to be compelling wasn’ t MY fault ;)

    Thanks for posting the link to the luster, I’m off to to see about ordering some right now…

    Cynthias last blog post..I heart spring

  • Risa:

    Looks like a wonderful time. I thought about heading up for CTSW, but with the price of gas and MD next weekend, decided to pass on it. Nice take home.

  • Hey, I see the back of my head!

    Some Luster Sox came home with me too, in purple, of course.

    (Yes, I am way behind in my blog reading. You want to make something of it?)

    Lucias last blog post..I Think They Got Me

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