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My progress so far:

Mr. GreenJeans - Progress

The New Hottness offered to model today. ;o) I have about 4 inches to go and I’ll be done with the body – then it’s on to the sleeves! I’ve slowed down a bit since it appears that I have suffered a knitting related injury – my Left wrist hurts like hell. I’ve had a brace on it since Saturday and it’s feeling better but I’ve decided to take a little mini-break from the knitting. Trust me, it’s hard. I *want* my sweater! (I guess this means I’m a product knitter…at least, this week.) ;o)

There was one thing I wanted to clear up from my last post – yes, Dobby gets two proms. Her school has one prom per year for both the Junior and the Senior class. One reason why this can work is that there are only about 50 kids in each class – unlike RR’s high school which had 2,000 kids in the graduating class (he only had one prom). Last year, she was on the Prom committee since the Junior class ‘throws the party’ and the Seniors enjoy it. This year is the ‘big’ year – a limo and everything! Trust me, there will be pictures. ;o) Sorry for the confusion!

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20 thoughts on “Mr. GreenJeans…

  1. We have two proms, too- Jr and Sr. And, wouldn’t you know it, even though D#2 graduated last year, her boyfriend graduates this year, so of course they’re going to HIS prom, too! Three proms, three dresses. Oy. At least we found this years dress on supersale for $46. Believe you me… this girl is high maintenance and you cannot believe how floored I still am that she is wearing a dress we found on sale. A First.

    Ms. Greenjeans is looking smashing! Love the color. Hope the wrist pain lets up soon!!

    lyndas last blog post..This Weekend…

  2. *drool* I love your Mr. Greenjeans! Will you bring it to fondle and ogle? You’re doing really well with it, your stitch definition is lovely. :).

    You tell Dobby she’d better count her lucky stars you’re letting her go at all. She’s a teen, I’m sure she’s pissed you off latey. *evil grin*

    Tina M.s last blog post..W.O.O.L. 2008 – Ringing the Bell

  3. Loving the sweater but take care of that hand!! Ice and anti-inflammatories are a good thing. I had two proms too, not to mention the others I went to with the older boys. ;)

    Jessicas last blog post..MDS&W

  4. Mr. Greenjeans looks gorgeous! Hope the wrist continues to feel better.

    Thanks for clarifying that I can ignore the Prom while he’s a Junior! This “college prep” school he’s in seems to plan too many social functions for the kids & there are “dances” every year!

    Marinas last blog post..Something old …

  5. I love the New Hotness and Mr. Greenjeans, but please take care of that wrist. It’s not like it will grow back if something happens. ;^)

    Fifty kids in a class?! That explains it. We had Jr Ball and Sr Prom, but it was really the same dance.

    Cookies last blog post..Why is it Monday?

  6. Mr Greenjeans is gorgeous! I need to go back through your older posts and see what that yarn is. I hope that your wrist heals quickly. We came from a very small school and students from all four years went to the “senior” proms. Heck, I didn’t even know that was unusual.

    Heides last blog post..Words always

  7. Mr. G looks awesome. I’m knitting one too and I’m ready to start the cable pattern. Now I’m eager togo home and get knitting on it. Hope your writst feels better. Aleve & ice works when I have wrist pain.

    Kims last blog post..H is for

  8. mmmmmsweater. So pretty. I have two proms too- I haven’t gotten a dress for Senior Prom yet, but I need to soon! Somehow I’ve managed four proms all told: two of the ex’s and two of my own. I need to let some dresses go, I think. I’m excited prom season.

    Elinors last blog post..The Carnage

  9. If New Hottness and Mr. Greenjeans had babies – you’d have New Hot Green Jeans! Uh yeah, can you tell why I’m not at knitting tonight?

    It’s really looking wonderful though :) Take care of your wrist – ya hear. Can you still spin at least? I hope so, or your probably going crazy now.

    michelles last blog post..E,F,G,H

  10. The sweater is looking fabulous–but don’t you dare strain that wrist!

    Oh, and our high school always had two proms, also…

    –Debs last blog post..Nikon

  11. Becky says:

    so i ordered the wheel…..and i should have known you were a Douglas Adams freak also….

  12. Manise says:

    Nice yarn, cute pattern! For some reason I never realized it was a top down. Ice the hand- it will help along with NSAIDS. Will you be at NHS&W?

  13. The sweaters look’in good! I hope your wrist is feeling better now. That happens to me every once in a while and it sucks to have to take a break from knitting.

  14. Take care of your hands! Believe me, I know what I’m talking about. It’s been a while, but I think I’ve finally fully recovered from the hand episode of February. I’m knitting cotton/linen now, pain free, so there is hope.

    Jenny Rayes last blog post..Clapotis Redux

  15. The sweater is gorgeous!

    At my high school there was Junior Prom and Senior Ball, but I had a bigger graduating class by about 7 times. Wow! Only 50 in each class?

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