Prom 2008

The weather did not cooperate on Friday, we had rain and general yuckiness which, combined with a low battery situation, made the photos dark and generally yucky. :o(

Here are the few that didn’t completely suck – and can I just say that trying to get six teenagers to pose for a decent picture is right up there with herding cats in the frustration department? ;o)

Prom Preparation - the necklace
Prom Preparation

Prom Preparation - Elaina's makeup
Prom 2008 - Dobby and WB

Prom - The Limo
Prom - the girls

Prom 2008 - the lineup

As usual, clickety to see the magic. ;o) The girl in the lavender dress is Elaina (you last saw her here – she’s the one with no pants) and the girl in the red dress is Erin. Thanks for looking!