If it wasn’t raining…

…I’d have lovely photographs of a finished Mr. Greenjeans to share with you all. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has decided to be uncooperative so we’ll have to wait an extra day or so for the FO post (I’m sure the astute among you already noticed that Mr. G. has been at 100% in the sidebar since Thursday. Trust me, I want pictures as badly as you guys do but we’ll all have to wait ’til RR and the weather are all on the same page since I have no set-up for mirrored self-portraits or patience for monkeying with the tripod).

In the meantime, I have a couple of things to share.

First, Jazz would like to say, “hai.”

Jazzy says "hai"

Is that not the cutest set of floppy puppy ears you’ve ever seen?

Next, I recently offered to do a favor for a fellow knitblogger. To thank me, Deb sent a thank you card and, in order to make sure the card did not get damaged, included some lovely handspun:

Deb's Handspun

and a cake of Silkie STR from the 2007 Sock Club (Walking on the Wild Tide colorway) in a lovely silk bag:

Socks That Rock - Walking on the Wild Tide

Thank you, Deb! That’s some gorgeous packing material. I hope you enjoyed your tapes! ;o)

Also, I don’t think I shared with you all the presents Dobby brought back for me from her London trip:

Gifts from Across the Pond

That’s a magnetic notepad for my grocery lists, a Mr. Darcy (COLIN FIRTH!) keychain and a Bath postcard. Not bad! ;o)

In blogosphere news, there’s a new podcast that’s been added to the knitting podcast lineup. The Manic Purl Podcast has weekly episodes that are produced by Chrissy who blogs at Chrissy’s Random Life. I have only listened to one episode so far but the one I did listen to was well put together and a good length (between 30 and 45 minutes). She does a good job with continuity and no ‘uhm’ and ‘ah’ sections that I noticed. The best part about this week’s episode? Yours truly is the featured blogger! Thank you again, Chrissy, for all your compliments (RR says I am now impossible to live with, btw) and for choosing my little spot on the web to review. I’d like to welcome any and all visitors from her podcast site – thanks for stopping by! :o)

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13 thoughts on “If it wasn’t raining…

  1. Definitely nice packing material! I am having the same weather woes down by me. And thanks for the podcast recommendation. I’ve been looking for some new ones.

  2. Wow, great gifts! It sounds like you got the kind of spring weather I love… here, it jumped about 30 degrees in a week, and I spent the weekend in sweltering heat that would have made a Mr. Greenjeans photoshoot equally impossible… looking forward to seeing your finished version, and to exploring more of your CSM back posts!

  3. Send some of that rain to Florida, we really could use it. I love the picture of Jazz, I agree she is a cutie. Wow, love the gifts. Thanks for the link for the podcast.

    Kriss last blog post..Stash Enhancement

  4. Hi Jazz! (Is she growling at me?)

    Love the new yarns. Free stash acquisition!

    Gonna check out that podcast. I’ve kind of gone “off” the knitting ones due to bad sound and such. But one with YOU?? I’m so gone…

  5. They make Mr. Darcy keychains??? I wonder what other Darcy stuff you can score across the pond. I bet there’s all sorts. Anyway, lucky you! :-)

    Beth S.s last blog post..Amused

  6. Hey Jazz, your adorable but I bet you know that already!

    Hope the weather and RR can get together soon, can’t wait to see your finished Green Jeans. Great prezzies all the way around.

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