I officially give up…

…the sun and RR can’t seem to get it together. It doesn’t help that it’s almost Memorial Day so all the 2nd homeowners *need* to have their TV’s, etc. installed RIGHT. NOW. which means I don’t see him before dark. Once we’re done with Memorial Day it’ll be the 4th of July that will cause the panic. I don’t get why they need a home theater done before they have a cookout. I mean seriously, aren’t they planning on being OUTSIDE? Isn’t that the root meaning of ‘cookOUT’? /rant

ANYway…since RR isn’t home, Dobby manned the camera so I can show off my new FO:

Mr. GreenJeans - front

Mr. GreenJeans - back

Mr. GreenJeans - Buttons

Raveled here

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22 thoughts on “I officially give up…

  1. Oh, that is gorgeous. You know, when the pattern first came out on Knitty, I wasn’t that crazy about it. But the more I see knit up, the more I love it. And yours has me convinced that I should be stash-diving right away!!!!

    Karens last blog post..New Podcast alert

  2. Like I told you earlier, you look MAH-velous! :)

    I love the colors, they’re very moody and earthy. I think they compliment your coloring well. Now I’m inspired to wire my jaw shut so I can lose enough weight so that mine fits as good as yours does.

    Tina M.s last blog post..Squee Center on Red Alert

  3. Very nice! Love the colorway of the yarn with this sweater. And the buttons are perfect! Enjoy it!

    Karens last blog post..

  4. Mr. Greenjeans looks beautiful! Inspiration for me to get knitting on my own Mr. G. Love the Dream in Color yarn! I have Good Luck Jade in their sock weight.

    Kims last blog post..J is for

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