…brought to you this week by Jazz and her contemplation of our squirrel population (because it’s late, my brain is fried and I can’t find the flower pictures):

Contemplation ...

Have a great weekend, everyone!

P.S. Today is Dobby’s last day of High School – and she’s actually graduating! (She passed her finals – yay!) I’m so happy, I’m letting her drive my Jeep to school. ;o)

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12 thoughts on “ECF…

  1. YAY! Dobby doesn’t have to live through the shame of us all staring at her during her very merry un-graduation party!

    Now you can kick her out of the house without feeling bad. Or at least start charging her rent. Hey… it didn’t hurt ME none!

    Tina M.s last blog post..Cummington 2008: Wrapup

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