Finished, bloglines!

…I managed to finally get my last pair of ‘traveling socks’ off the needles this past weekend. These were my third pair of Monkeys and, while I like the pattern well enough since it’s easy to remember, I think it’s time I find a new ‘easy’ pattern. ;o)

Three's the Charm

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11 thoughts on “Finished, bloglines!

  1. They look great! Traveling socks aren’t supposed to get done in any time frame. Then you just have to start another pair.

  2. Great socks! I love that colorway, it’s so vivid! It was nice to meet you yesterday, even if you did think I was a creepy stalker:) Though I do have to admit it’s strange how much our paths have overlapped without us ever noticing.

    Robin Maries last blog post..Soasa Calendar!

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