Eye Candy?

…this may or may not be eye candy to you but to me, this is eye candy AND a vacation. Spending three days with my wheel at a car show can be pretty relaxing. Even if you don’t like cars, at the very least, it’s time you can spend knitting or spinning (or blogging, hehe). ;o)

Spinning @ the car show

(taken with my Blackberry…)

I do have a couple of things to ask while I’m away – first, I’d like Bloglines to update my feed like I’ve been asking for a week and a half (seriously, EIGHT emails and no reply – and I’m not the only one having a problem and getting nowhere with them. Bloglines sucks. Google Reader is THE way to go**) and second, I’ve been hearing that my blog is loading veerrryyy slooowly. If you are having an issue please let me know so I can try to fix it! (on Monday *grin*) Thanks!

**I say Google Reader because it’s my personal favorite but there are many other RSS readers out there – if you look to your right at my list over yonder –> (under Subscribe…) you’ll see some options other than Bloglines. They are seriously the. worst. RSS reader out there. Bottom line, they have terrible customer service which is something that really annoys the heck out of me and because of that, they don’t deserve the usage they get. /rant (thanks for listening, hehe)

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10 thoughts on “Eye Candy?

  1. Bloglines seems to hate a lot of us these days. Either they are all dead or on vacation because they are not replying to emails or posts on the forum about lack of updates.

    Have a wonderful weekend! ♥

    Oh, and, yes, it’s a bit slow, but I’m not all that picky at this point. *L*

  2. Still a bit slow but worth the wait! You could just call it Summer laziness.

    Your Blackberry takes such a great photo, I’m really impressed.

    Enjoy your weekend spinning…er…car-showing.

    Laurie (Moo!)s last blog post..A what blog?

  3. Wow, sounds like my kind of vacation. At least the spinning part. (I don’t do cars in any way. Last time I drove was in 2001 I think.) LOVE the wheel action shot.
    You site loaded fine, but I haven’t seen it in my Bloglines in forever. I’ve put it into Google Reader instead. From my website stats, GR is the trend, people are moving away from Bloglines in droves lately. And for good reason. They’re NOT doing anyone any favors, for sure.
    Enjoy your vacation!

    Dave Danielss last blog post..Stuff White People Like

  4. Hey, I noticed you’re using Feedburner. And Cookie, who has bloglines trouble, also uses FB. And *I* use it on two of my sites, with the same updating issue. I wonder if it IS related to FB and not BL??? Something to look into further.

    Dave Danielss last blog post..Stuff White People Like

  5. Oh that does look relaxing. I love spinning outside.

    I use google reader. I never tried bloglines so I can’t complain about them. As for the speed of you blog it comes up fine for me. Enjoy your spinning time.

    Kriss last blog post..Bayerische

  6. First, congrats to Dobby (and you, for surviving her high school years)! Second, your blog is loading just fine in Firefox, and third, I use Google Reader. Go me.

    I am seriously contemplating taking my wheel to camp this year, but then I won’t get much knitting done. Wouldn’t it be nice to spin a sweater’s worth of fiber in one week???

    jessies last blog post..Why Dave is cheering

  7. Yup, it all updated and is fine for me now, crisis averted. I am going back and reading all your posts, I have not forgotten you!

    Amelia is lovely amongst the car show, and it’s nice to see that your Crackberry is even more omnipotent than I previously thought. ;)

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