Then you get…

…tomatoes. ;o)

No, this didn’t take only a week to grow but I’ll tell you this – starting early and investing in the wall-o-water setup was WORTH. IT.

Take THAT neighbors!

Take THAT, neighbors. ;op

In other photography news, Carole recently invited me to participate in the Day in the Life group on Flickr. If you’re interested, you can see my photos by clicking on the photo below:

The beginning...

Today (the 23rd) is also my mother’s birthday – Happy Birthday, Mom! She’d love it if she received some happy day wishes at her blog, here. ;o))

Oh and for the record, I still hate Bloglines (in case you missed it, I was bloglined last week and I’m still recuperating) – and Best Buy has been added to the list. Yay. However, that’s a post for another day…

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14 thoughts on “Then you get…

  1. Ok, so NOW it’s salsa. Or pico, which is so much better. If you have a bumper crop you know where they can find some love. Mmm… pico de galloooooo….

  2. I love how Tina thinks.

    Bloglines is dead to me. I moved my list to google reader and added their Next button to my tool bar thingy. I click on it and I see the next blog on my list. Very nice and far more dependable than bloglines ever was.

  3. It’s a perfectly lovely tomato.

    (Oh, and while I was able to get into your blog and able to comment, when I tried clicking the link out of my RSS reader to the actual POST, it hung up on me. Just, you know, FYI.)

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