Oh yeah, Knitting…

…I do that.

I wanted to share what is currently at the top of the WIP heap:

Elfine Socks

Elfine’s Socks [raveled] knit in Shibui Sock – I’m up to the ankle and having a helluva time getting the pattern to fall into place. Right now I’m two stitches off and ready to light the entire pile on fire. Good thing I like the Shibui too much to torch it – although, I will be making things go boom on Friday and I will have a flare in hand and who knows? Something might slip… ;op

Tessarae Socks

I’m also working on a pair of Tesserae Socks [raveled] in Sereknity Options superwash. This colorway is ‘Vineyard’ and I am totally in love with it. The pattern is working out well, too. These socks have nothing to worry about. ;o)

Both of these projects are my current contributions to Summer of Socks ’08 [rav group].  I’m actually knitting socks this time around and not just helping read blogs!  Yay!  hehe

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17 thoughts on “Oh yeah, Knitting…

  1. Diane says:

    Very beautiful socks! Hope that you can straighten out the Elfine sock so it doesn’t become a firecracker cozy on Friday! Good luck!

  2. Awesome socks! Love the Shibui color. Yeah, I love the other colorway, too. Sheesh. I’m a colorway slut.

    A tiny sock won’t make much of a fire. Better to take a larger, unruly project and light it up! :-O

    laurie (Moo!)s last blog post..I’ve been Meme’d!

  3. You know, I just made myself a very cute bag and I was contemplating making a million of them. Then I was deciding who I would give them to when it occurred to me that I’ve never seen you knit! This is a very timely post!

    Robin Maries last blog post..What to do…

  4. both socks look fabulous. i adore shibui sock and the very thought of burning it makes me shudder. thank goodness that’s the last thing on your mind. it is right? right?

    Opals last blog post..Transformation.

  5. I hope you can figure the Elfine’s out – they look beautiful.

    Love the 2nd colourway — well actually, love both colourways. ;-)

    I was too late to sign up for SoS’s this year so once in awhile I’m popping onto the boards.

    Miss Scarletts last blog post..Thoughtful Friday

  6. These are two absolutely gorgeous socks! I love the colors especially–Tesserae looks wonderful in that gently variegated yarn.

    Beth S.s last blog post..Gust

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