I don’t quite recall…

…signing on for this.  The whole discussion is kind of a blur and I don’t remember all the details.Garden - before weeding

In two weeks, RR and I will be loading up the family truckster and heading out on our ‘Great American Vacation of 2008’.  Where are we going, you ask?

Wyoming.  The land of the flat, the free, the antelope playing, the bison and, for this year, the annual national fireworks convention.  Our trip will be approximately 1,913 miles.  One way.  Need a visual?  Click here. (sorry, I can’t get the map to appear here unless I do some serious plugin wrangling, which I tried for an hour on Tuesday afternoon.  No work-y). To sum up, it’s a long fricken way to be stuck in a car.  Even if you’re stuck with the love of your life…

Garden - after weeding
Anyone have any suggestions on places to see while at highway speeds?  I’ve been told that if I want pictures of my sock-in-progress for SOS 08 when we cross state lines, I’d better be prepared to take them while we drive past – that should give you an idea of how quickly RR is planning to get to Wyoming.  I’m guessing that sleeping, peeing and eating are optional as well…

…and at least I’ll be able to blow stuff up when we get there to let off some steam.  We’re on the safety team, too.  Our motto for this year?  Do as I say, not as I do. ;op

In other fibery news, I and some of my guild mates will be demonstrating spinning and knitting at the ‘Egremont on Parade’ event being held this Sunday the 27th from 11 to 4 at French Park in North Egremont, Massachusetts.  If you live in the area or are near the area or feel like making a drive I would *love* to have more knitters and spinners join us.  Apparently, the organizer of the event thinks I can’t scare up more than one fibery person (meaning that I’m the only one she thinks is going to show up.  She’s amazed that I will need a 10×10 space for my people) and seeing her jaw drop would make me a very happy person.  If you’d like more information, drop me a line via the comments or click on the ‘contact me’ link.  Sorry for the short notice!

The photos are from my garden today – I decided to document my weeding progress.  If you click on them you’ll see the lightbox magic zoom, if you click here, you’ll see the notes on flickr regarding what veggies are planted where.

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20 thoughts on “I don’t quite recall…

  1. Woo! I could tell you all about Texas, which is where I am now as our RV that we were driving in for OUR Great American Vacation 2008 broke down. Hopefully we get it back soon (omgI’msosickofTexas). But unfortunately it looks like our passage will in now way interact with yours, so all I can say is have fun!

    Elinors last blog post..Froot Loops! A sock (picture) saga.

  2. I am so envious of your road trip! I haven’t driven the route you’re taking so I can’t recommend any roadside attractions. I would google “roadside attractions” “weird museums” and stuff liek that. There are probably lots of weird things to see liek a 50 foot man made out of macaroni, etc. Have a blast!

    Kims last blog post..Mystery Cowl Revealed

  3. Wow, you can see the walk way now. Nice job.
    Amanda and I will have to try to make it over Sunday.
    Who gets to eat the veggies while you are gone? If we check on the kid/dogs do we get veggies?

    crzjanes last blog post..Okay, a Geek I’m not

  4. Jim’s son drove from Montana to Vermont and back to Montana last month. It was a lot of driving–and he had a couple of 100 mile detours due to flooding. It’s not a trip that I would do willingly. You are a brave woman.

    Just remember to lift your feet (and say “weeeeeeee”) as you go over the state lines. You don’t want to be skidding into a new state, now. Not very graceful.

    Bettys last blog post..Cannon update

  5. I can recommend Road Trip USA, a travel book about driving on the small roads cross country. It has lots of good stuff that you would miss on the interstate. Also, (though time is a little short, it’s good to note for next time) if you go to the website of all the states you will be traveling through, you can request a visitor info pack, which generally includes a full-sized map, info books, coupons, etc.

    And Ravelry can probably get you some good info. All states/regions have their own groups. You can pop in and ask for advice on places to stop, eat, shop for yarn, etc.

  6. Have fun! RR drives the way I do. My stepsons used to request that we take the NEXT offramp
    ….it was the only way they’d ever get out of the car. Well, more or less.

    Carrie Ks last blog post..Finally Friday

  7. Anne says:

    OK going through South Dakota you HAVE TO STOP at A) Wall Drug, B) Mt. Rushmore and C) Crazy Horse monument. There is absolutely no point to driving through SD if you do not stop in these 3 places. None. Zero. Zip. Nada.

    (speaking as a Minnesota native who has driven cross country MANY times, including from San Francisco, CA to Camden, ME and back in 6 weeks including stops noted above in SD, 2 family weddings in MN, the world’s largest airplane fly-in in Oshkosh, WI, MN to ME through Canada to meet my (then future) in-laws for the first time and back to SF via MN again, Texas, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, AND Yosemite)

  8. Have a great trip! Not my idea of a relaxing time, but then we went camping 15 minutes from home and as you know that place is not exactly paradise.

    I sooo wish I could be there for Egremont on Parade. I spent many hours at French park as a child. I hope you get a huge turnout!!!

    jessies last blog post..Ankle warmers?

  9. Hot damn and hallelujah! That’s more driving at one time than I’ve ever done in my life. One way? You couldn’t PAY ME to be in a car that long, but that’s the Fibro talking. LOL feel free to call me and whinge if you need to, I’ll understand and totally sympathise.

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