Three Days…

…I have been trying to think of how to post about Sunday for three whole days. Each day that has passed has made it that much harder to put into words the fun we had. I’ve decided, therefore, to just jump in headfirst and hope for the best…

There was fiber, there was fun, there were rides in ‘velocipedes’ to go get coffee (for those who were dirty stay-outs the night before *cough* Becky *cough*), there were wheels galore (okay there were five but that’s a lot, considering this wasn’t a ‘fiber’ event), there were spinners, there were knitters, and best of all, there were astonished muggles. Oh and a hailstorm, can’t forget that.

Pictures? I have a couple:

Egremont on Parade 2008

That’s Tina, the wheel to her Right is blog-free Becky’s and next to hers is Amelia – my Ashford is hiding on the left. Michelle was there late which is where I get the ‘five’ count of wheels. ;o)

Egremont on Parade 2008

Egremont on Parade 2008

My perspective for most of the day…

Egremont on Parade 2008

Tina – enabling.

My mother and my sister also put in a late showing – they arrived just in time to help us pack up as that dark cloud you see behind Tina and her victim er, student hit us with all of nature’s fury. I never thought you could throw four wheels, a table, four chairs, a buttload of fiber and three spinners into a Jeep in less than 30 seconds, but we did it.

There was quite a bit of interest in our booth, which was very cool. A few people have told me that we were the busiest one there. Yay spinners!

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