When do we leave again?

Those of you who know me ‘in real life’ know that I am constantly balancing on the edge of sanity.  I like things the way they are, don’t like big changes a whole lot and when things in my life are teetering on the tightrope of control, I have difficulty staying calm.

This trip might push me over that edge.  Seriously.

So, let’s go down the checklist, shall we?

Magical wristbands that help keep puke-age at bay…check.  Laptop with games loaded…check.  DS and games…check.  Spinning wheel…check.  Knitting picked out…not yet.  Clothes for a week…check.  Marshmallows…check.  Shiny girly-pants safety glasses…check.

Spring Forward Fireworks socks?

Spring Forward Socks

check and check. [Raveled] I felt using the July Jimmy Beans Lorna’s Laces ‘Fireworks’ yarn was fitting.  ;o)

I think I might be ready to go…and this will be my last post before we head West.  I will be posting photos from the trip on my Flickr account if you’re interested.  I have some big plans for fancy fireworks photography. ;o)

See you on the flip side!

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22 thoughts on “When do we leave again?

  1. Be careful! Get some ginger pills on the way out of town! Great for an unhappy tummy.

    I’m going to miss you.

    Have a love safe trip and try not to kill any strangers! ;^)


    Cookies last blog post..Time

  2. Diane says:

    Beautiful socks and have a great trip! I’ll be watching for some great pics.
    See you when you get back, missed seeing you at knitting tonight. We actually made it!

  3. Ruth McGuire says:

    I learned to sow but, never really learned to knit. But, your doing a beutifull job. I hope you and your husband have a really nice trip. I’ll check in from time to time to see the pics you’ve posted.

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