I know I said I wouldn’t be posting…

…but I can’t pass this up.

Guess who got hit in the head with falling debris?

We put 'safe' in safety team

um yeah, we put the ‘safe’ in ‘safety team’.  They say it doesn’t need stitches and it’s finally stopped bleeding…oh and he’s the first injury of record for the show.  ;o)

p.s.  I finally have wifi where we’re staying so there will be pix coming up on flickr

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16 thoughts on “I know I said I wouldn’t be posting…

  1. Heathie says:

    I agree with Noni. haha. I don’t think you want to deal with the driving back home. I wouldn’t anyway. lol. BTW, It’s a sign…let’s just hope that it doesn’t happen again and i hope that he’s okay!!

  2. I feel his pain but he’ll survive. We males tend to have strong heads, someone asked me about the scar on the top of my head two days ago, and it took Bev’s reminder about the 13 staples I had on me last November.
    Give him plenty “sympathy” we seem to remember that better.

    Nelsons last blog post..Week 14

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