Home Again…

…and happy to be here. Let me sum up the past few weeks:

Weeks away: 3
States driven through: 10 (11 if you count my trip to W.O.O.L.)
Miles driven: 4,465
Tomatoes in garden when we got back: 20 million
Number of tomatoes that are red: 3
Pounds of zucchini and yellow squash waiting for our arrival: 10 billion
Pounds of squash taken away by friends and family: 3
Amount of cucumbers waiting for our arrival:  Unknown
Amount of cucumbers taken by friends and family: ALL OF THEM. (dammit)

In case you all forgot (that was kind of sarcastic, I mean, how could you forget? I haven’t been able to shut up about it), we drove to Wyoming and back over the course of the past few weeks. I still haven’t uploaded all of the pictures and I’m working on it, when I have them up I’ll let you know so those who are interested can check them out. :o)

We arrived home last Tuesday, I had one day of somewhat normal crammed in between WY and W.O.O.L. I W.O.O.L. 2008
left for Lake George on Thursday morning and arrived at Wiawaka in the mid afternoon – after completely forgetting to stop to get water to share (doh!). Tina and Harriet greeted me at my arrival and I settled in for three days of spinning and relaxation.  (btw, that’s the extent of my linkage, other than Jess, Risa, SeeKay and Kim I can’t remember who all was there and the blogs thereof, I’m sorry, my memory is shot…feel free to yell at me in the comments if I’ve forgotten you!)

I thought I would spend my time there balancing my attention between spinning and knitting however, I ended up doing more spinning than anything else. It’s easier to do when talking, not as hard to lose your place than when you’re knitting. ;o) I managed to finish up the Fruit Salad roving purchased from The Loopy Ewe, washed it (thanks to Diane’s magical bucket and her foresight to pack Eucalan), thwacked it, dried it and am now halfway through a pair of socks:

W.O.O.L. 2008

W.O.O.L. 2008

I also tackled one of my Grafton batts:

W.O.O.L. 2008

I decided to go with the ‘rip and ball’ approach:

W.O.O.L. 2008

and ended up with 100ish yards:

Grafton Batt - final product

Not sure what I’m going to do with it, but I’ll marinate it for a while and see what it wants to be.

Want more W.O.O.L. pictures?  Here you go:

W.O.O.L. 2008
W.O.O.L. 2008

W.O.O.L. 2008
W.O.O.L. 2008

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11 thoughts on “Home Again…

  1. I had an awesome time hanging with you at WOOL. You are an excellent partner in crime :) Pretty pretty spinning and I look forward to seeing the finished socks that i made you make smaller :) I got that same grafton batt at MD last year, was the first thing I spun on my vermont wheel.

    Risas last blog post..WOOL ‘08

  2. I am so impressed that everyone survived that long trip. I would have left someone at a rest stop on the way out, but you know me. *L*

    I hope your tomatoes get with the program soon!


    Cookies last blog post..Oyster Bay

  3. Oh. Missing cucumbers? I have a “few” to spare. What’s with the tomatoes, anyway? None of mine are turning either!

    Glad you’re back home, though it looks like a wonderful time was had at WOOL.

    Want my recipe for Orange Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread? ;-)

    Laurie (Moo!)s last blog post..How They Hangin’?

  4. Thanks for giving WOOL a try, especially after doing so much beforehand. I know it wasn’t quite your cup of tea, but I’m glad you came anyway. You tried something new, go you! Your yarn is beautiful, as always, and it was fun watching you make it.

    Try to rest, take it easy and I’ll see you soon. :)

    Tina M.s last blog post..Brag Book

  5. Great WOOL pictures. I want to go back in time one week and do it all over again. It was great hanging with you and spinning and laughing.

  6. I had so much fun hanging out with you…although, I have to admit, there were times that I thought we could take each other down the evil path of over-snarkiness. :-) You are an amazing spinner. Watching you Navajo Ply was awesome. You made me realize that my yarn thwacking has been seriously wimpy.

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