Finished socks…

…and a meme.

First, a pair of handspun socks made from the yarn I finished at W.O.O.L.:

Handspun 'Fruit Salad' Socks

My 2nd pair of SOS ’08 socks and my last. I didn’t follow a pattern, just knit plain socks using the short-row heel from Wendy’s Southwestern Socks (which I have found fits my heel very well – much better than a regular short-row heel).

Now, for those interested in seeing a little glimpse inside my relationship with RR, here is the ‘Spousal meme’ that’s making the rounds:

Me: What is your favorite thing about my knitting?
RR: My Favorite thing? That you make stuff with your hands…

Me: What is your least favorite thing about my knitting?
RR: That it’s all-consuming…

Me: What is something I have knitted that you recall as being good?
RR: Sweaters and shawls…
Me: I need a more specific answer.
RR: Well your grey shawl (the Wing of the Moth shawl) is nice but the grey sweater with the maroon stripey thing (my Olympic Sweater) is good.

Me: Do you think knitters have an expensive hobby?
RR: It can be.

Me: Do you have any hobbies?
RR: Yes. I bite my nails and work to buy yarn.
Me: Aren’t you funny…

Me: What are your hobbies?
RR: Seriously?  Fireworks and cars.

Me: So, if we compared money/time spent on hobbies, who would win?
RR: My honey would win.
Me: What? Cars are more expensive than yarn!
RR: My car was paid for 10 years ago (*cough* more like 8), you pay for stuff all the time.
Me: We just spent a buttload of money on going to WY for fireworks and didn’t stop in *one* yarn store!
RR: That was a vacation!
Me: Whatever.

Me: Do you have a stash of any kind?
RR: I guess…I have a stash of stereo stuff to sell to make $$ for yarn.
Me: you ass.

Me: Has my knitting in public ever embarrassed you?
RR: ummm…no.

Me: Can you name another knitting blog?
RR: What’s Scout’s thing?
Me: Scout’s Swag
RR: Or Jessie’s?
Me: What Housework?
RR: yeah, them.

Me: Do you mind that I want to check out yarn stores everywhere we go?
RR: Sometimes.

Me: *ahem* I’d like to point out that I didn’t set one toe in a yarn store on our road trip.

Me: Do you understand the importance of a swatch?
RR: Absolutely.
Me: Do you know what a swatch is?
RR: Of course! How could I pick out the fabric for a car interior or speakers without checking out a swatch first?
Me: But do you know what a swatch is for knitting?
RR: Yes! You make a little piece of knitting to help you figure out your count so you can make the right size fabric to make a sweater or something.
Me: *speechless*

Me: Do you read JessaLu Knits?
RR: Yep.

Me: Have you ever left a comment?
RR: yep.

Me: Do you think the house would be cleaner if I didn’t knit?
RR: *laughs* I dunno. No.

Me: Is there anything else you want to say?
RR: *in Forrest Gump voice* That’s all I have to say about that…

Frightening, isn’t it? ;op

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21 thoughts on “Finished socks…

  1. *snickers* Points to Roger both for bravery and knowledge, not so sure about wisdom. ;P

    The socks are just awesome. In fact, not JUST awesome, they are also stupendous!

    Tina M.s last blog post..Brag Book

  2. Socks are gorgeous and to think I was there when you started them. Sniff. Sniff. They grew up so fast.

    Love the interview. He’s hillarious, but I didn’t say so ;)

    Risas last blog post..Third Time

  3. I love this meme! It’s just hilarious. Too bad I don’t have a honey to do that with. My cat has yet to reveal his pyschic powers to properly communicate with me. *sigh*

    Opals last blog post..Best Laid Plans

  4. I love Roger’s answers. I wonder if I should have your Dad answer those questions. Second thought I don’t know if i want to know what he thinks about my knitting.
    btw, nice socks.

    crzjanes last blog post..Car Show Sunday

  5. Thanks for the laugh. I would be very frightened to have my husband answer these questions and he would never get the swatch answer right.

  6. I’m impressed. My spouse refused to even play along, plus I think we both know what the answer to the clean house/knitting question would be and I don’t care to hear it.

    Love the handspun socks. I just gave back my borrowed drum carder so I’m not going to be churning out the blended sock yarn I’ve been dreaming of, but someday I’ll have a carder and that will be that.

    Welcome home, btw, missed your face at VT S&W!

    jessies last blog post..R.I.P. Fudd

  7. Lovely, and a perfect reminder of a summer weekend spent with friends. :)

    Just to let you know, I miss you. Hope you’re doing well and enjoying the last days of summer!

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