Holy wow…

…how did that happen? 14 days since my last post? No wonder I’ve been getting ‘are you still alive?’ emails – RR’s sister even yelled at me for not updating. ;o) Time flies when you’re having fun…at least, that’s what they tell me…

What have I been doing lately? Well there was the Labor Day car show, then there was the Lake George car show and the Guptill’s cruise. I had camnesia for most of it but I might be able to scare up a couple of photos…

Jessica Rabbit

I’ve never looked better… ;o)


It might look kinda crappy but it’ll kick some serious ass…the truck, not me. (see my disembodied head? I was trying to hide from the people…it didn’t work. ;op)

Guptill's Cruse

This is the Guptill’s cruise taken from the back of our truck. There were a hella lot of cars there that night!

Let’s see…I’ve also completed a pair of socks:

Southwestern Socks

These are my ‘Boomerang Socks’ that I knit while we were driving halfway across the country and back [raveled here]. Why are they on sock blockers, you ask? Because apparently riding in a car towing a camper going 70mph effects my gauge. The damned things don’t fit. *sigh* I might rip back and try to relax while I re-knit the leg, or I might decide to give them away, or I might just light them on fire. I’ll let you know what I decide.

I also made up a few more of those box bags:

Blue Box Bag
Pink Box Bag

Some people have shown some interest in purchasing said box bags so, in the interest of keeping everyone happy, I decided to open up…

…tada! hehe

My little corner of the interwebs will occasionally have for sale box bags (those are well stocked right now), my handspun (nothing right now but I’ll let you know when that happens) and CSM cranked socks (nothing there yet either but again, will let you know). I’ll also be offering the option of cranking socks for you out of yarn you send me or yarn you pick out and have shipped to me. If anyone is interested in anything listed that isn’t available yet feel free to use the ‘Contact Me’ link over yonder in the sidebar and we’ll work something out. ;o)

Okay that’s it for now! I’m going to go back to stressing about having a college student in the family… (when did I get old enough to have a child that is a college student? Wait. Don’t answer that…)

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11 thoughts on “Holy wow…

  1. I was about to think you were at a car show right down the road from me until I saw green grass and trees instead of mountains!

    You tote bags are adorable and I’m sure you will have many customers. Nice socks, too!

    Rebeccas last blog post..Alcea ~ Armhole Point

  2. Congrats on your store! When I saw the shapely lady etching/sticker int eh window, I thought, “gee, I look good.” Then I saw you wrote “I never looked better.” Harharhar. I’ll bet there were some nice old station wagons at the car show. I’ve got a thing for wagons. Too bad about the big socks. Everything is bigger out West, including gauge. Theya re purty though.

  3. Ya know, I was thinking about you this morning and told myself I needed to email you. I guess you’re off the hook now. ;^)

    I am so glad you decided to sell your bags. They really are lovely.

    I blame Dobby because you really aren’t old enough. Clearly, it’s all her fault. ;^)


  4. Well it sounds like you’ve been busy! That’s wonderful that you opened up a shop. I’m sure it will do really well and what a great idea with the cranked socks!

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