Lacking anything more interesting…

…I shall give you links.  Knitting shall be interesting again soon, I promise, but I need to decide what I’m going to be working on next.  Maybe I’ll be asking opinions…maybe not.  We shall see…

I’m also recouperating from my first trip to see my knitting group since returning from vacation.  I had a flat tire on the way home – ON THE BRIDGE (RR had to come and save me from my idiocy, I didn’t know where to put the jack under the car)(wait that’s not 100% true, he was on his way to save me halfway through my first sentence when I called to tell him I had a flat, I was the idiot who couldn’t sit in the car and wait, who had to try to change the tire myself and no, I didn’t stop on the bridge) and then, after getting home at midnight  we were awoken by yet another car crash in front of our house.  Fourth crash in less than a year, third Jetta, second (possibly) drunken idiot.  Seriously. sick. of. this.

ANYway, I saw this here and wanted one of my own:

I like to think I’m not as obsessed about RR as that word cloud suggests…don’t tell him, k?  He’ll be impossible to live with.  ;o)

I also downloaded the new browser from the Google geniuses which I totally love beyond measure.  I thank Risa for twisting my arm, my pages load so very fast now, I might be able to get through my GReader list in my lifetime (1000+ unreads when I came back from vacation…you all need to slow the hell down so I can catch up, k?)

Of course, my fast page loads might be because we finally have some fast internets here at chez ‘Lu.  I signed us up for WiSpring right before I left for W.O.O.L. and DAMN is it fast (compared to HughesNet which blows chunks on a good day and no, they get no linky love from me).  Now I just have to get used to my ‘real’ town showing up in those sidebar thingys that all the cool bloggers have these days.  ;o)

What else…oh I found a cool online coupon site:  They have lots of coupons listed (I saved 25% on my last order), they have a cool bookmarklet that even works in Chrome AND they don’t try to install any crap on your system when you use them.

I think that about covers it.  This weekend I’m going to a spin-in at the lovely Cynthia’s and after that we’ll be in Lake George enjoying the hot air balloon festival.  Maybe this time I’ll remember to take the camera out and I’ll have a somewhat decent Eye Candy post for you all next week.  ;o)

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9 thoughts on “Lacking anything more interesting…

  1. I don’t remember it taking very much arm twisting to get you to try out Chrome. It is wicked fast and I’m loving it. I’m looking forward to the spin in. Made sure to gather up some dvd’s for the car for the monkeys.

    Risas last blog post..32 Days

  2. Sorry about the flat tire. I’d be calling for backup too. What’s with the accidents in front of your house? Do you live on Dead Man’s Hill? Enjoy balloon fest! I’ll be driving past Lake George next weekend for my last trip to auntie’s house for the season. I’ll look for balloons in the sky.

    Kims last blog post..P is for

  3. Who is this “RR” person? ;^)

    Thank goodness he came to help you. You shouldn’t have to change a tire. That should be men’s work. One of the reason we still need them occasionally. *L*

    I tried Chrome, but it was too slow for me and sort of boring. I’m sticking with my fx for a while longer.

    Cookies last blog post..A shipping WTF!

  4. Love the Wordle! Can’t get the Google Chrome yet (Mac) but I’ll be on the lookout.

    I agree with Cookie. Must. Appear. Helpless. It assures that the menfolk will do some of the work when we want them to.

    Enjoy your weekend. Guess it really is going to be full of hot air!

    Laurie (Moo!)s last blog post..Stealing!

  5. There is a cornere in my town where they have accidents regularly. The road jinks and people don’t. Constantly. The worse part is that the cars keep winding up IN the house. The living room to be exact. So it could be worse at your place….

    As for the tire, that is why I have CAA. Hubbunny and I had a flat. Hubbunny couldn’t get the damn lugnuts off. Even the strapping young man who showed up when we called roadside assistance had trouble getting them off. Turns out the some idjit at the shop had put them on with an impact gun. fine in the shop, but how are you supposed to get them off on the side of the road with only muscle power??? Hence the strapping young man…..

    Carols last blog post..I am Square

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