Can you believe it?

Two FO posts in a ROW.  I think this might be a personal record.

Mama Janes - Finished!

These are the Mama Jane slippers that I started last week using some Manos I got from Risa in a trade at W.O.O.L..  These were in a holding pattern for a bit because I needed to get to the store to purchase the buttons:

Mama Janes - the Button

I’m wearing these all the time since it’s kind of cold in my house – in fact, I’m wearing these and my Central Park Hoodie at this very moment.  ;o)  The  were a quick knit and it only took one skein of Manos.  So, if you have one skein kicking around or if you have a small amount of handspun, these would be perfect.  [Raveled here]

Oh and a quickie link – those geniuses at Google have developed a map that will show you voter registration information for your area based on your address.  So, you put in your address and up pops info on how to register to vote and when the cutoff is to make it for this election.  How cool is that?

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14 thoughts on “Can you believe it?

  1. Oooh… purty. I love the colors, very you (but very me too). Did you end up putting the no slip stuff on the bottoms?

    I wonder if anyone has a pattern for the same style slipper but to felt? I love the style of the slipper but think it would be great as a felted slipper too.

    Tina M.s last blog post..Ow.

  2. Those are so effing cute! Must add to cue. And I do have at least one spare skank of Manos hanging around doing nothing.

  3. Carolyn says:

    What a great project! You inspired me to make my first Ravelry pattern purchase, even though I have a few things in my queue that I need to purchase. This will be a cute gift for the holidays in the one-skein catagory. And I love your idea about the puff paint on the sole to avoid slippage. The first thing I thought was how fast I would go down if I was wearing them around the house.

  4. Diane says:

    Very pretty and usefull! I would so love a pair of these but just to much to do as it is. Hear ya about it being cold in the house, terrified about what this winter will bring. I will have to wrap myself in roving since my sweater will likely never get finished!

    I agree with Carolyn, what a great gift idea!

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