Spinning with friends…

…old and new.  ;o)

Two weeks ago, Cynthia hosted a spin-in at her house.  It took me a bit to get there (I always forget how long it takes me to get to the middle of CT from where I live) but it was worth it!  I even made a few new friends (and, as per usual, I probably forgot someone…sorry!)  ;o)

Spinning @ CygKnit's

What was I spinning?  This:


It is now plied (fingering weight 2-ply from a center-pull ball) and hanging in the kitchen window, waiting for me to decide what to do with it.

Spunky Eclectic - Autumn

Pretty, isn’t it?  It’s also squishy and warm. ;o)

Speaking of pretty, I made a few more bags so there are more options in the shop.  (I also have two more fabrics ready to be stitched up so those will be up in the next couple of days.  Oh, and I promise I won’t mention the shop all the time…)  ;o)

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12 thoughts on “Spinning with friends…

  1. It looks like a great time, Jess! And the yarn is fab. (Hey, remember how, last year we were talking about how we really SHOULD get together again before Rhinebeck? Hmm … we’ve only got a few days left!) (grin)

    –Debs last blog post..3,500

  2. Your yarn did come out very pretty! Once again, gorgeous photos. I had a great time that day too – it was fun to get out and meet some new friends. I love your new bags – I’m keeping my eye on your Etsy shop. The hard part is going to be deciding which one will someday belong to me!

    Tamaras last blog post..Happy Columbus Day and a CONTEST!!!!

  3. Totally jealous of you getting together with Cynthia….I was hoping to this summer when hubby was working up that way but after he was up there for 3 weeks, he decided he didn’t want to go back for a second run. I could have killed him…LOL.

    Great yarn, I need to get my wheel out of the back of my van and see if I can spin yet. I can crochet, knitting hurts too much still.

  4. Oh how fun! And the yarn is so pretty. I’m busily trying to convert as many knitters in my group to spinners. So far it’s slow-going, but I’m very persistent. ;-)

    Opals last blog post..Wired!

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