Eye Candy Friday…

…the one with all the trees.  ;o)

On Monday, it was time to bring the camper home from it’s extended stay at the Lake George RV Park (we had been ‘weekenders’ there since September).  We decided to take the scenic route home through the Lake George/Vermont region to take in the autumnal colors (we went up Prospect Mountain sans camper, there was no way were attempting to drag it up the side of that mountain!).  This year has turned out quite spectacular – I’m glad we were able to do the tour this year and experience it like the tourists do (slowly, sometimes not in a straight line, braking at odd moments and yelling at each other that ‘we NEED to get a picture of that TREE!’ interspersed with ‘ooooh that one’s pretty!’  ;o) ).  Here are a few pictures from our little road trip:

Lake George Autumn

Lake George Autumn

Lake George Autumn

Lake George Autumn

Lake George Autumn

…and finally, for Dave:

Lake George Autumn

Some of these photos were taken by RR (does a pretty good job, doesn’t he? ;o) )

Hope everyone has a great weekend! See you at Rhinebeck! ;o)

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14 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday…

  1. Wow! The leaves there are gorgeous. Out west (Washington state) we don’t enjoy autumn colors quite that lovely even the best viewing places due to all of the native coniferous trees. Have fun at Rhinebeck!

    heides last blog post..Close Call

  2. Beautiful!! I go to Lake George all the time and it was kinda eerie when I looked at your second picture. I took that same picture, maybe a few inches to the right, years ago. Now I have to dig it up and show you!

    Nice shots!

    Joannes last blog post..I give thee..Zigzag Sock #1

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