Rhinebeck haul!

What did I get?  A little of this and a bit of that…

Foxhill Farm Cormo
Steam Valley Fiber Sock Yarn
Foxfire Border Leicester & Mohair

Blue Ridge Yarns 'Bambie'
Clover Leaf Farms Merino/Silk
Clover Leaf Farms Merino

Cloverleaf Farms Merino/Silk
Grafton Batts
Frabjous Fibers BFL

Frabjous Fibers BFL
Frabjous Fibers BFL
Brooks Farms Riata

1. Foxhill Farm Cormo;  2.  Steam Valley Fiber sock yarn; 3. Foxfire Border Leicester & Mohair; 4. Blue Ridge Yarns Bambie in Evening Rain (purchased for me by Carole as a thank you for being her WP code monkey – thanks again, Carole!); 5. Clover Leaf Farms Merino/Silk in Cranberry Bog; 6. Clover Leaf Farms Merino in Mountain Leaves; 7. Clover Leaf Farms Wool/Silk in Autumn; 8.  Two Grafton Batts (I may have knocked over an old lady to get these…it’s all a blur); 9. Frabjous Fibers BFL in Cottage Garden; 10.  Frabjous Fibers BFL in Redwood Forest; 11.  Frabjous Fibers in Plum Toast; 12.  Brooks Farms Riata

What?!  I left a few things for the other shoppers…*ahem*  Okay and there are a few more things I need to share but not today, the light was all wrong for picture taking so you’re going to have to wait for those, too!  ;o)

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