Eye Candy Friday…

…the one with all the socks.  ;o)

Yesterday, I decided I wanted to channel a bit of Cookie into my knitting.  I had the pink yarn but needed some way to up my speed.  I decided the only way I could come close to her speed was to break out the CSM. ;op I finally managed to get to cranking at about noon and by bedtime I had these all finished:

Chameleon Colorworks Socks
Chewy Spaghetti CSM Socks
Rhinebeck Socks!

From left to right:

1. Chameleon Colorworks ‘Evolution’ yarn in the colorway Flamingo Sunrise (these are quite possible the softest socks EVER.)

2. Chewy Spaghetti ‘Spaghettoni II’ in the colorway Sultry

3.  Steam Valley Fiber Hand Dyed Sock Yarn, no colorway listed.  (purchased at Rhinebeck ’08)

Not bad for a day’s work.  This is my favorite kind of eye candy!  ;o)

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24 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday…

  1. Only three pair in a day?! ;^)

    Well done! That’s a great way to get ready for winter. I love the first pair, but I’m sure you knew that.


  2. I am so glad someone else is getting picked on the furious knitting of socks. Seriously, you have no idea. And what is with Bezzie (Random Meanderings) and her insistance that I have a cranked out bunny army knitting socks for me? ;)

    Kellis last blog post..Long Post Ahead.

  3. Carrie says:

    Gee, Jess, you’re such a slug! Only 3 pairs in a day. And I’m still on the same pair I started in August!!!!

    And today I took out the only pair of socks I’ve made and kept for myself an the damn moths had eaten holes all over one of them!! I almost cried. Aarrgghhh!

  4. So not fair! They are all beautiful – but it’s still not fair that you crank out in an afternoon what takes me a year :) Darn you! I’ll see you Tuesday! See I said it out loud for the world to see – so there’s no backing out now. Well unless it snows or something else crazy happens :P

    michelles last blog post..Sidetracked

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