If you didn’t hate me on Friday…

…you’re gonna hate me now.  ;o)

After knitting three pairs in a day on Thursday of last week I knit one more pair on my 54 stitch cylinder with a picot edge:

CSM Socks - Mega Boots Stretch

(Mega Boots Stretch is the yarn and I just realized that there’s fuzz stuck to them in the picture…sorry) and after that, decided to get more daring in my sock knitting on the CSM.  I switched to the 72 stitch cylinder and prepared to tackle my nemesis.  The ribber.

I kicked that ribber’s ass this weekend.  Three times.

CSM Socks - Autumn House Farms
CSM Socks - Step
CSM Socks - Fannie's Fingering Weight

From Left to Right:

1.  Autumn House Farms Super Merino in “Moss Aget” (that’s what’s written on the tag.  I swear. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be Agate.) in a 3x1x1 rib – sorry for the fuzzy pic…these did not want to be photographed this morning.

2.  Austermann Step in a 3×1 rib

3.  Fannie’s Fingering Weight in “Rhapsody” in a 3×1 rib

I decided that I like the 3x1x1 rib – kind of reminiscent of the Yarrow Ribbed sock from Vintage socks.  I’ll be making more of these.  Possibly even today…

Don’t hate me cuz I’m prolific, k? ;o)

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31 thoughts on “If you didn’t hate me on Friday…

  1. Wow, I don’t know anyone else who can actually make their ribber work. Congrats! I’ve tried it a number of times, and have come to realize I actually hate ribbed socks. :) Those are all beautiful socks.

    Dave Danielss last blog post..Saturday with Cats

  2. You are AWESOME! Since I’ve actually watched you work, I know how much effort goes into making a cranky, antique machine do what you want it to do. Go you! I am jealous, I was actually thinking that I wish I could afford one because I have at least 5 dozen pair of socks in yarn waiting to be knit, and wouldn’t I feel better about how much space that takes up if they’d just become socks already?

    I wish I had a talent you didn’t, I’d totally trade you for socks made up in my stashed yarn.

    Tina M.s last blog post..Rhinebeck Part II: Love & Loot

  3. Dude, that’s some serious sock production! I have to admit, i’m skeered of the ribber as well. I love the look tho! I’m slightly more motivated to pull out my CSM now too.

  4. You clearly have too many socks. Perhaps you should re-home them? I could take them in for you. Just so the socks don’t feel left out because they aren’t in the rotation often enough.

    Carols last blog post..Happy Mail Day!

  5. WOW! This is an amazing amount of sockage even with use of a machine. The top pair is stunningly beautiful. Seeing your Fiesta displayed in the background makes me miss mine. I still have the dishes we use for everyday, but I put lots of my display pieces on ebay several years back. Sorry, I digress… anyway, being able to literally crank out socks means that you have more time and incentive to spin. I envy your opportunitty to knit, spin, etc. more than your finished items. Someday when my kids are grown perhaps I’ll enjoy a productive weekend again… or not. :)

    Heides last blog post..Vote request

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