…I am a ‘joiner’.  ;o)  RR and I are joining the rest of the country at the voting booth (it’s RR’s first time voting *evah* but sssshhh don’t tell him I told you, he’s a bit sensitive about it *grin*).


I am joining in with the NaKniSweMo KAL.  The sweater I will be knitting this month is the St. Patrick sweater from A Fine Fleece, the yarn I am using is Wild Apple Hill purchased at Rhinebeck this year in the colorway ‘Midnight’:

Beginnings of St. Patrick

I am knitting the body in the round which is a mod from the pattern.  I plan on adding a seam stitch on each side of the body that I will drop and pick up a la EZ to make the sides feel a bit sturdier.

I’m kind of behind schedule since I’d like to be further along but I think I might be able to finish on time.  I’m looking forward to wearing this sweater in December when i’m too cheap to turn up the heat during the day.  ;op