I wasn’t as prolific…

…this past weekend but what I did make on the CSM is still pretty cool:

CSM Fingerless Mitts

Fingerless mitts.  How cool is that?!  Last week I found the pattern here (you have to email and ask for it) and finally had time to sit and play on Saturday.  FOUR. HOURS. (and one severe temper tantrum) later, I had these.  They’re warm and squishy an have 10% cashmere and I love them.

Yarn:  Hand Maiden Casbah (holy heart attack batman, I thought for sure that my machine would eat it just because it has cashmere in it); Colorway ‘Seastorm’

Gauge:  uhm…the middle line on the machine using the 54 needle cylinder.  I finished the thumb by transferring the stitches to a size 1 needle, knitting four rows of 1×1 rib, cast off and stitched the thumb together with the tail.  I also transferred the top stitches to a size 1 needle and cast off that way.  I could have cast off with the waste still attached with no transfer but I didn’t want to have to learn something else new, my brain couldn’t handle it at that point.  ;op

In other NaKniSweMo news…St. Patrick did some major damage to my hands last night so he’s on time out.  I think I have to try to do something a little less cable-y for this month’s challenge so I’m doing some quick thinking and stash diving.  I still have 20 days so I’m not worried, the sweater I’m going to make is knit on 8s which is bigger gauge than my Olympic Sweater that I finished in 16 days AND that one had a hood.

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13 thoughts on “I wasn’t as prolific…

  1. Lovely mitts! casbah is sooooo cushy!
    I know about the hand/wrist pain – a week of knitting small things has me sore enough to think I should give it a break.
    I’ll have a little news for you on my blog soon. Not quite yet – am not organised yet….

  2. Those mitts are beyond gorgeous! They look like melt in the mouth candy. Mmm.

    So sorry to hear about St Patrick. I look forward to seeing you kick the ass of another sweater though.

    Opals last blog post..Fiberlicious Friday

  3. Love the mitts! Will have to dig out my CSM and use it again. I like the idea of doing the less scary things on the csm and handknitting the other bits. Smart.

    Risas last blog post..Benefits

  4. I told Tom you made the mitts on the CSM. His response was…enthusiastic. ;-) Another possible use for the Casbah I got over the weekend! Whoo hoo! How the heck do you know the color of the yarn? Mine has no markings on the tag. :-(

    Beautiful mitts. I hope they help soothe your poor hands.

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