Eye Candy Friday…

…the one with all the bags.  This pile is a beautiful thing (to me, anyway)  ;o)

Stitched Box Bags

Like what you see?  Go here.

In sweater news, I’m almost done with the yoke and ready to start the body.  Exciting times!

Even MORE exciting, today is RR’s birthday!  Happy Birthday, hon!  Love you!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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14 thoughts on “Eye Candy Friday…

  1. Happy birthday RR!
    Once I sell something on my etsy, I’ll buy something off yours! (But I have to set up my etsy shop again).
    Love the jumper in the next post – looks real purdy!
    I’m looking for a webhost too, not sure if i should go with the one Dh has or not cos they go off the air randomly and it has to be kicked in the guts to get it going again.

    lynne s of ozs last blog post..Lamingtons

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