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…okay I’ll admit it, I have been having trouble getting back into the blogging after the Holidays.  For some reason, my mind has decided that taking pictures is a mountain I must climb in order to put up a post.  It’s possible that my annual winter ‘issues’ have set in (I *hate* January…February comes in a close second with Valentines Day being the cherry on top of my winter sundae of hell) or it’s possible that my annual tax season issues have set in.  This year is worse (I had no idea it could get WORSE) – my biggest client is ‘wrapping things up’ so I have to not only get the taxes done, I have to dissolve the companies and figure out what the aitch I’m going to do to make yarn $$ when this nightmare ends.  ;o)

Which brings me to this weeks ’10 things’.  It seems to fit this week.


10 Things you want to do in 2009:

1.  Expand Stitched to include smaller bags, different stuff, more handspun, cranked socks.

2.  Make 10 pairs of legs for Socks for Soldiers – I signed up last year, didn’t do a damned thing because I let the CSM intimidate me, turned that into a great big ball of guilt and stuck it in the back of my closet until a recent post by the ‘sarge’ of the group made me wake up and realize that there are real people over there doing an awesome job with cold feet.  (btw, if you can find 20 minutes a day to knit big black socks (or tan, or green) or if you have a CSM and can crank out legs please sign up, they really need knitters for our soldiers.)

3.  Get back into excercising on a regular basis.

4.  Lose the next 25lbs that will get my BMI to a ‘healthy’ number.  I lost 26lbs last year and narrowly avoided being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  They were talking about blood pressure meds at one point, too.

5.  Lose more ‘stash’ weight.  New Years day was spent going through the stash closet and weeding out the scary stuff I bought when I was a new knitter and didn’t know any better.  I gifted two boxes and a large trash bag to a friend’s mom who knits hats for the local Senior Center and Hospital.  RR gets big SO points for helping – I made him swear he wouldn’t judge me before we started and he stuck to it.  Now I need to go through the stash drawers in the living room, the wicker box in the sewing room and the cubes.  Which brings me to…

6.  Organize the stash more.  Right now it’s all willy-nilly and commingled.  The lace weight is in with the worsted and who knows what the heck is going on in there.  If I don’t do something soon, it’ll have babies (cuz you all know how slutty that lace weight can be.) ;o)

7.  Organize my life more.  I paid I-don’t-want-to-admit-how-much in late fees last year.  Not.  Acceptable.

…okay I’ve hit a wall and I can’t think of anything else.  I guess that means I need to stop and go back to work now…*sigh*

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21 thoughts on “10 Things…

  1. Congratulations on the weight loss! Keep it up!

    You could always send me the lace weight if it needs a good home that offers excellent supervision. ;^)

    Btw, I was born in January! You should love this month because you love me!

    No, I’m not drankin’ over here. Why do you ask? ;^)


    Cookies last blog post..A Cranky Monday

  2. I used to hate winter too, I so hear you on that. You know what helps me big time? You guys, the knitting ladies. Just getting out of the house for general merriment once a week makes a huge difference. May your winter be warmer for it as well. *hugs*

    Your goals sound perfect, and I know you could do well with smaller bags. If you had enough leftovers you could make coordinating notions pouches and stuff, people love it when things match. And I know I hear knitters moaning all the time about storage for their circulars.

    Keep up the good work in 2009, you put the FAB in FABulous. :P

    Tina M.s last blog post..Spinning FO: Fruit Salad

  3. LOL. #8 could have been “Come up with 2 more things”. Your list looks pretty good, tho.

    If you leave lace and worsted together does that mean in a year you’ll have sport weight yarn, or aran?

    If I could get my CSM in working order (meaning remove it from the box and make a stand for it…and learn how to use it!) I’d make socks for soldiers. I’ll try!

    Find anything odd in your mailbox? No? Maybe tomorrow. ;-)

  4. I think it is a doable list. I am very drawn to losing the weight goal. Congrats on working on your health last year. I hope even better things for you in 2009 and beyond.

  5. that’s a great list. you’re a winner for shedding all those pounds! i need to focus my energy on losing some weight too.

    best wishes to you for 2009!

    opals last blog post..Good times.

  6. I’m so with you on the winter blues! and now they are talking ice and power outages again – I swear just to stress me out! What keep me going are thoughts of moving back home, or to FL, or anywhere with sun and surf.

    Did you not just get done finally with last years tax stuff?

    I’ll also jump on the exercise thing with you – no seriously, I just added it to my list too. Now that I no longer work at a gym, nor teach gym, nor coach volleyball – I’ve turned all mooshy. The weight I worked so hard to gain is not going on right. I mean really – how many people have the exposed rib thing going and the budda belly? Then there’s the fact that my kids can now pin me down if needed and that’s just not right! :)

    michelles last blog post..Fresh Start

  7. I think 7 things are plenty to work on. Congrats on the weight loss thing – and avoiding a Type 2 diagnosis. Trust me, you don’t want to deal with that crap!! As for the yarn, I say let them co-mingle and breed. Think of the yarn money you could save. Heck, selling the off-spring “mutt” yarn could be a new business venture. LOL

    Karens last blog post..Back home again . . .

  8. You know how I feel about winter! Bring back summer please. All good goals and I’m quite with you on a few of those. I need to tame the stash beast and better organize it as well. Good luck!

    Risas last blog post..Better Image

  9. Humm…. baby stash isn’t all that bad is it? What would you get if you crossed lace weight with worsted? Sport? Or is maybe lace weight is a dominant trait and you’ll just get more slutty lace. It would be a good experiment! Great job on the weight loss! I lost a lot a few years ago and it is starting to creep back. That is one of my main problems with these months – dreary weather makes me hungry. If we just had more sunny days, it would be so much easier.

    Tamaras last blog post..Baking our Own Tropics

  10. Good goals. The weight loss looked really good, and there is no better motivation than avoiding illness and daily medication regimens.

    Lauries last blog post..

  11. Great job on the weight loss! We are right in the same range of ‘need-to-lose’, and I would be willing to trade support back and forth and hope we get there by summer! I am still intimidated by my CSM, have a sock on that is stuck because i can’t figure out how to do the last bit of toes, but if I can get past that, and get to cranking out a pair in a day, I would be happy to donate…

  12. Good going on avoiding type II diabetes! My FiL was not so lucky but has worked hard and is now basically not diabetic. It is hard to lose weight when work is such a stressor.
    I’m guessing there’s no hope of a quick break to a sunnier place?

    lynne s of ozs last blog post..Still sick and whining

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