The bigger picture of Helena in Progress

The baby shower is the 18th so I had better get a move on…

I’m mostly liking this pattern so far – there’s nothing wrong with the pattern, it’s well written, I’m just kind of sick of knitting it at this point.

…which means I’d better go and work on it so I can finish it in time for gifting and then start planning a new project! ;o)

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8 thoughts on “Helena…

  1. Oh hey! It looks awesome! Keep up the good work, you can do it! Besides, you’ve conquered mightier challenges than this… are you going to let a BABY sweater get you? I think NOT.

    What are you going to knit next? I’m stuck in husbeast sweater HELL.

    Tina M.s last blog post..Event: Stir Crazy Stitch ‘n Spin

  2. It is gorgeous. But I know what you mean. There’s nothing wrong per se with that pattern but I just didn’t enjoy knitting it. I hate to say it, but I ditched it after the bottom hem. Never could force myself to do the sleeves.

    Risas last blog post..Better Image

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