Out of the Ashes…

…of Helena:

Baby Beret...

On Thursday night, I finally had enough.  I had made it through the body and almost ran out of yarn.  I had evaluated and decided to use leftover sock yarn to do a garter stitch edge on the skirt of the sweater and managed to save enough yarn to do sleeves.  I made it through the sleeves, picked up the button band and made it through three rows before I noticed the puckering and general unhappiness.

Baby Beret

I snapped.  RR watched me throw it across the room, looked at me and said, “so…not liking the sweater?”

The man definitely has a firm grasp of the obvious.

So I ripped it.  With gusto.  Then I knit a cute little beret and am happy.  Baby’s mom is happy, baby will be happy and that’s all that matters.  ;o)

So…riddle me this: why do I keep finding myself staring at the leftover yarn cake and contemplating how well wool will burn?  It might be time for a ritual cleansing… ;o)

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16 thoughts on “Out of the Ashes…

  1. It’s gorgeous! I think it’s the perfect solution, and that instead of burning said wool (that I dyed and would be sad to see go up in flames) maybe you could knit matching mittens? Is there enough? If there isn’t, I’ll understand if you grab the matches. :P

    Tina M.s last blog post..On a Roll!

  2. Anne says:

    Instead of burning the yarn, why not have a ritual cleansing? You could spritz it with lavender water, pile it next to a lit candle and ask the universe what it wants to be and leave it for a bit.

    I had a teacher in grad school (airy-fairy grad school) who used to pray to Asphalta, the Goddess of Parking and taught us the song she made up and it worked! Consistently! When I lived in SAN FRANCISCO!! Maybe we need to find a Goddess who helps divine the true purpose of a given yarn…

  3. Adorable beret! I agree with Tina about possible matching mittens or maybe some booties. It’s too pretty to burn (and I don’t think wool burns really well anyway and I’m sure if it does, it would smell terrible!)

    Alisons last blog post..Five for Friday

  4. Adorable beret! Believe me, you’ll feel better if you burn the yarn (or jsut put it in the goodwill bin if you can’t bring yourself to butn it). I know from experience that yarn burns good!

  5. Burn wool? Noooooooooooooooooooooo…… put it into a time out. Pop it into a ziploc and throw it back into the stash. Eventually it will learn it’s lesson. Sometimes it takes a couple of time outs, I have found……

    Carols last blog post..Ummm, Yay?

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