It’s a Beret!

My one-day beret turned into a two-week beret but I don’t mind since I’m so happy with it!  I finished it up this morning then cornered Dobby and made her take a few pictures:

mmm...slouchy.  ;o)

It's a Beret!

I wore it to knitting group tonight and my ears were warm!  It was awesome!  I took it off and my hair wasn’t flat and frizzy!  It was a curly-girl miracle!  ;o)

Details (Raveled):

Pattern:  One-Day Beret from Through the Loops!

Yarn:  Persimmon Tree Farm Pot Luck Yarn purchased at Rhinebeck ’07

Needles:  Knitpicks Size 5 for body of hat, 4 for ribbing – magic loop technique used throughout since I hate dpn’s passionately  ;o)

Up next?

Not so matchy-matchy...