Sock Club…

…by JessaLu.  

I saw this idea over here a few weeks ago and it kind of stuck in my head (it is being done in this group on Ravelry).  Partly because of the economy being what it is and my yarn budget being what it isn’t and partly because the idea of a traditional sock club stopped appealing to me somewhere around December 2007 when I decided to not sign up for the STR club for the third straight year.

Also, the idea of knitting down the stash is looking better and better because I realized the other day that if I were digging through my stash while I happened to be home by myself and my storage cubes fell down on me, the odds of my being crushed to death under the weight of my stash are way better than I’d like.  Therefore, I am planning on knitting from stash yarn until the odds of survival are more firmly in my favor.  ;o)

For the sock club, the premise is this, you go through your sock yarn stash and pair up yarn you own with patterns you’d like to knit.  You put them together into 12 different bags (that you can’t see through – no cheating!) and at the beginning of each month, you pick a bag and knit the pattern that’s in the bag with the yarn you’ve already picked out from your stash.

Bonus:  You already love the yarn and the pattern since you picked it out yourself.

Bonus #2:  You get to use yarn that’s been marinating forever – or new stuff.  Whatever you pick!

Bonus #3:  You get socks.  ;o)  12 pair, even.

It took me a while to do my picking because of the time of year and I’m the Queen of Procrastination.  I decided to completely skip January since I was so late and just jumped right into February – and this meant I only needed to pick 11 pattern/yarn pairings.  I did the pairing, the printing and the bagging over the weekend and on Monday I had RR pick out a bag for me.  What did he pick?

Mad Color Weave...

Mad Color Weave sock pattern paired with some Black Bunny Fiber sock yarn in the colorway “Rosebush”.  I can’t wait to get started!