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It was inevitable that I’d miss at least one blog post during this crazy-ass tax season. I’m busier than I normally am and have to do more maths than I normally do which makes everything more stressful. woo.  The up-side to this is that next year will be cake since I’ll have four less companies to wrangle.  The down-side is I’ll have four less companies and therefore four less companies’ worth of income.  boo.

Oh well, that’s why I started sewing again.  I’d much rather be listening to a book and making bags then pushing a pencil.

…but I digress.

I planned on taking pictures of my Knotty Glove progress (done with the thumb increases on the first glove!) and my Mad Color Weave socks (most of the way done on the first leg!) but I just didn’t have a chance today…oh and I have a new addition to the ‘herd’ that I wanted to photograph today too.  Alas, it will have to wait…

..I promise, I’ll be back before April.  ;o)

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8 thoughts on “**insert real blog post here**

  1. and if you’re not back, i know how to hunt you down…. that is if i don’t keep missing you. our timing these days seems to be rather craptacular.

    opals last blog post..Lemming!

  2. Anne says:

    I’m looking forwrad to seeing your Mad Color Weave socks…they’ve been in my cue for ages but I forgot about that pattern until your post.

    Good luck with the tax season!

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