Thank you for all your comments and well-wishes!  They made my fourth blogiversary very special.  :o)  It’s good to know that you guys are out there reading and I’m not posting in vain!  ;o)  At midnight I closed the comments on the previous post and we did pick four winners that I will be listing in this post…

…but first I’m gonna make you read other stuff.  ;o)


Work ...

Work.  Done.  Next client, please!  

Second, my friend Tina is throwing together a spin-out or -in or whatever the heck they’re called.  It’s March 8th at the Hudson Opera House – here is her post that gives more details and a flyer print out.  I’ll be there, a few others I know of will be there and hopefully, you can make it too!

Third, exciting news!  Did you know there’s a graphic novel for knitters?  Pretty cool!  If I hadn’t already purchased my P&P graphic novel, I’d be all over it.  ;o)


Even more...

Winners?  Below the fold.  ;o)

Ready, already?  

Winner of the handspun?

Carole! (Carole’s blog is currently broken due to no fault of her own – she was hit by a troll and we’re waiting for her web host to give her clearance so I’ve linked to her temporary blog space)

Winner of the Loopy Ewe Gift Card?


Winner of the Stitched By JessaLu bag?


Winner of the ‘something fibery’?


Congrats to the winners!  Please contact me by clicking on the ‘contact me’ link up there ^ and let me know where to send your winnings – and Chris, I’ll have a photo of fabric choices to email to you very soon.

Thanks for playing – and have a great weekend!