Did anybody get the number of that bus?  The one that just smacked me sideways?  ;o)

On Wednesday, I started out with the idea of a little contest to celebrate the end of my personal hell that is tax season and ended up completely blown away.  I woke up early yesterday morning with 22 comments clamoring for moderation, by 11am I had over 100 with almost 300 hits, by 3pm?  I had what I believe constitutes an official buttload.

I believe yesterday I hit a trifecta (or the trifecta hit me, not sure which, hehe).  Margene, Chris and Cookie all linked to me (among others and I thank you all for the linky goodness) and all you wonderful commenters did a great job adding to the party that I was throwing!  I’m hoping that I’ve made a few new blog friends and I *know* I found a few new blogs that I’ll be visiting now that I have nothing to do since most of my clients are handled for the year (har har).  ;o)

Now, I thought I’d be able to post the winner today.  HOWEVER, I’m used to handling 50 comments at the most with one of my contests, so since I have 178 (WOW.  Still, wow.) to contend with as well as well as counting the extra entries, etc. I’m going to ask for a continuation to Monday the 20th.  I promise, I’ll have winners posted bright and early.

In case you’re wondering, OF COURSE I’m giving away three prizes!!  How could I not?  We didn’t make it to 200 comments but 178 isn’t a disappointment, not by a long shot!

In the meantime, THANK YOU ALL!!  You gave me a fantabulous, awesome day, I have NEVER had so many comments and hits and I LOVED every second!

Now, look at this pretty flower (it’s actually either a hen or a chick from my patch of chicks n hens in the yard under the macro filter):

Hens and Chicks

and this rosebush just starting to wake up after it’s winter nap:

Rosebush budding...

…and have a great weekend!

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