A little behind…

…schedule.  (boy, the pr0n searchers are going to have a blast with that title)

I pulled my May socks before we left for Maine.  Okay, I pulled like three bags and finally went with the third one out of guilt.  (Cookie outed me, so I had to ‘fess up *g*)  I’m still not 100% happy with this choice which is probably why they are still not on the needles…but anyway…my third bag for May contained:

Personal Sock Club - May

Pattern:  Oak Leaf by Kelly Porpiglia

Yarn:  Dye Dreams Luster Sox in “Emerald” purchased at CT S&W 2008

It think it’s possible that the reason why I’m not 100% happy is that this is the second skein of this yarn I have wound up to knit.  The first one had four knots in it which I brought to the attention of the dyer and she sent me a new skein right away with her apologies.  This one had one knot two thirds of the way through the skein but I felt it had been too long since I purchased it to say anything.  I guess I need to get over the fact that I’ll be weaving in ends halfway down the leg of one of my socks and just cast on already. (PMSing?  who, me?  ;op~)

In other exciting news, RR proved once again that there is a very good reason why I waited ten years for a ring.  (btw, Thursday the 7th was our official 10 year anniversary.  On ‘Odd Day’ no less, I think it’s pretty funny since we’re both kinda odd, heh,  but ANYway…) Last Friday he asked me if I was planning on going to NH on Saturday.  I told him no since it’s a bit far (even though Carole‘s not going to Cummington which means I won’t see her in like FOREVER.  :o(( ) so he told me that he would try to arrange for something for us to do on Saturday night and I would need to be ready to go around 6:30 and it was a surprise.  He was being all mysterious about it and I thought it was cool he was trying to surprise me with something so I didn’t ask questions (I know!) and I didn’t try to find out what it was – I didn’t Google, not even once.  (I KNOW!)

So Saturday rolls around and we head out when he gets home from work.  Next thing I know we’re at Shakespeare & Co. in Lenox and I’m wondering what the h?  There is no. way. he’s going to sit through three hours of Shakespeare.  As he’s trying to find a parking spot, he tells me that he has brought me to a read-through of the new in-the-works Broadway production of Sense & Sensibility, the musical.  I am…speechless.  (yeah, yeah, I know.)

Austen.  Set to music.  His own idea.  He is willing to sit through three hours of Austen.  Set to music. With singing.

For me.

So we did and he did and it wasn’t bad – it was kinda awesome to be a part of such a thing – and he earned some MAJOR points and when S&S the musical hits broadway I can say I saw it when it was still in development.  How cool is that?!

p.s.  Tonight is the annual Fire Dept. shindig – guess who’ll be waving her left hand around like a crazy woman?  yeahthat’llbemethanks.  ;o)

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20 thoughts on “A little behind…

  1. Marina says:

    Is that it?!! No “is it OK if we get a (big boy’s toy)”? Or something else?!

    One knot isn’t so bad, is it? It’s a beautiful colour.

  2. At least you know about the knot ahead of time. I hate to find them as surprises (like when the yarn is already in the ball).

    The bag arrived on Friday and it’s perfect for my sister. She can either use it for a project or take it golfing with her. I already have a number of little things in it, like flower seeds, golf balls and tees and trail mix. Now I need to add a paperback and some sock yarn and her birthday is done, done, done! Thanks Jessa Lu. I’ll be ordering more.

    Diane’s last blog post..Meme me

  3. Someone obviously has someone had a little word in RR’s ear about the good catch he has made. LOL Good on him anyway for taking you out.
    Yarn looks pretty. Knots are annoying. I hateses them. I got FOUR knots in about 20y of sock yarn once, right at the ribbing and cast off, and they thought I was fibbing or something cos they had never had more than one knot in a ball of their yarn. Grr! But they sent another ball of yarn once I sent the almost complete sock and the remaining yarn with knots cut out to them.

    lynne s of oz’s last blog post..Swings and roundabouts

  4. I remember that fiasco with the yarn. Knots never went out with my skeins, that I can tell you. Since they were all hand wound with the manual skein winder, the yarn ran through my hand for every inch. My guess is that the dyer is using an electric skein winder to reskein their yarn, and coupled with the fact that they’re probably using mill cones… you get the knots.

    Just knit the socks, they’re going to be gaw-juss. :)

    Oh and yes, RR does get enormous kudos for being so incredibly thoughtful to you. That really is such an amazing gift, both of the show, and his time/thoughtfulness.

    Tina M.’s last blog post..2009 Hudson River Stitch & Spin

  5. Wow! Does he have a brother??? Heh – has *anyone* else seen that commercial? Anyway, what a great guy.

    Knots in yarn – yeah. When I reskeined some yarns for NHSW, 3 of my cormo angora fingering weights broke and I put a knot in them, but marked them so I’d know which ones, then debated whether to put them out for sale. I asked advice and other folks said yes, it’s one knot so what. But I hate knots too and I hate even more to make a customer unhappy. I’m glad you posted this because it confirms for me that the answer is no, I don’t sell them, I use them myself.

    Chris’s last blog post..I Is Exhausted And Phoneless

  6. Does RR do training of other men in the area of scoring major points for doing chick stuff? Shakespeaer and Austen? Seriously? OMG! I am really jealous now!!!

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