Boys in Uniform…

Monday night was the annual FD banquet and all the guys were told to show up in full dress uniform.  Previous years they had a choice between the ‘work’ uniform that consists of a light blue short-sleeved shirt or the full dress.

Guess who was the ‘official’ photographer?  Though they didn’t tell me this until after I had a cosmo so some of the pictures are a bit…uhm…crooked.

Here is my favorite (it’s only officers, the FD is bigger than seven guys):

FD - the Officers

Want to know how I got (almost) all seven to laugh like that?

I told them to say, “boobies make me smile!” *grin*  There’s something to be said for having your photographer get a little tipsy prior to a photo shoot…though if I were 100% sober I probably would have had R facing the right way…*sigh* ohwell…at least they’re smiling.  ;o)

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16 thoughts on “Boys in Uniform…

  1. Ooooh!! RR looks adorable in his uniform! After you got a cosmo in ya I bet he had to fight you off with a stick. Them cosmo’s are sneaky bastids.

  2. Dobby says:

    If you look closer to the pic. the only one that’s really not paying attention is David!!! LOL. Too funny. But still a great picture!!

  3. You weren’t that “tipsy”. After all, you only asked them to say something silly.Had you flashed them and made them smile or else had a blurry picture with a finger in it then we’d have known you were definitely tipsy.

    Heide’s last blog post..WTF Wednesday

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