…I do that sometimes.  ;o)

Since I’m not 100% happy with the knitting these days I’ve been spending some time at the wheel.  Here is a peek at my ‘singles basket’ – this is where I put my bobbins of singles waiting to be plied:

Singles Basket

Waiting patiently from left to right we have:  two bobbins of Crown Mtn Farms Corrie Pencil Roving in ‘Tibetan Dreams’; two bobbins of Crown Mtn Farms Superwash Merino in ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ and hiding between them a bobbin of Spunky Eclectic Superwash Merino in ‘Grand Opening’.  (Thanks to blog-free Manise for helping me figure out that last one, I couldn’t remember the colorway to save my life)

I should be able to get some of this plied up over the weekend since Risa arrives on Friday and when she’s here it turns into a spinfest.  ;o)  She’s coming up for the Massachusetts S&W fest this weekend – we’ll be there, will you?

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22 thoughts on “Spinning…

  1. I think I am going to spend some of my holiday weekend spinning-I haven’t spun since Labor Day when I fell & messed up my wrist. But I miss it and I really want to get this alpaca spun so I can decide what it wants to be. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration Jess! xoxo

    P.S. I survived the waterboarding ;OP

    Heather @Domestic Extraordinaire’s last blog post..Giggles circa 1980something

  2. Marina says:

    The Blue Suede Shoes are gorgeous! No more S&W festivals for me until the kids are older and can be left at home.

  3. Manise says:

    I thought that bobbin looked familiar! Glad to be able to help you solve the colorway mystery. :-) See you on Saturday. 3 more sleeps!

  4. RAAWR! That’s some teh-sexay spinning. I think one of the ocean colored bobbins would look fabulous plied with the grand opening. Mmm.

    I’ll be honking at you, and I mean LEANING ON THE HORN, on our way past. Consider yourselves warned. I’m sure your neighbors will love it.

    Tina M.’s last blog post..Palm Power

  5. Gorgeous singles. I’ve been spinning a little lately, but I don’t have near the finished product that you’ve acquired. Great colors too! Hope you have fun this weekend.

    heide’s last blog post..Spinning My Wheels

  6. Lovely spinning, you’ve been busy! Have fun at the S&W this weekend. I miss the East Coast the most during festival season (which is pretty much all year).

    Diane’s last blog post..Bzzzzzz

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