…the one with all the “yes, dear.”  ;o)

Wednesday, RR took a look at my tree peony (the one that blossoms, we shall not speak of the other one that will not bloom) and said that it should be popping open the next day.  I looked at it and said no way – maybe by this weekend but definitely not Thursday.

Well…I was wrong.  This is what I saw on Wednesday:

Almost ...

and this is what I saw on Thursday:

Tree Peony Blossom

The whole thing

Obviously this plant doesn’t realize who waters it, feeds it and talks to it.  ;op

One of my clematis (I have six) is also blooming:

Garden View

ohmygawdrisa’sgoingtobehereanyminuteandIstillneedtocleanstuffokaybye!!  Oh and Monday’s a holiday so I’ll see you Wednesday!  ;o)

ETA:   If you’re going to MA S&W tomorrow, I’ll be the one walking around with Risa and carrying this bag.  Say ‘hi!’ okay?  Hope to see you!

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18 thoughts on “ECF…

  1. Hey! Your tree peony looks like the same variety as mine! Hana Kisoi. Isn’t it a beautiful bloomer? You’re obviously not using the right words when talking with the other peony. I’ve found that “loppers”, “trash can”, “new rose” all used in the same sentence helps provide motivation.

    Diane’s last blog post..Bzzzzzz

  2. You know that every time you say the word peonie I hear “panty” instead, right? So, here’s how this conversation would go over at the Muddy Cup:

    Jess: “Tina I’m so excited! RR said my PANTIES would bloom on Thursday and they did!”

    Tina: “Dude, sounds like RR’s got teh mad skillz, aren’t YOU the lucky gal?”

    I hope you were drinking your Coke Zero at this precise moment.

    Tina M.’s last blog post..Duh.

  3. Gorgeous! Man…now you have me wanting to go by the old house and digging up all the ones I had planted by the barn.

    Don’t stress about the mess – Risa is not going to care :)And I’ll see you girls tomorrow.

    michelle’s last blog post..Fresh Start

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