What a weekend!

This past weekend was the Massachusetts Sheep & Wool fest in Cummington.  It was decided many moons ago that Risa was going to be visiting – which made the weekend even more exciting!

She arrived on Friday and the first thing I did was drag her into the back yard to show her this:

Friday's flowers...

(you know, because that’s what she came up here for, to see my garden. Not.)  There’s seven blooms this year, which is a record.  I *heart* this plant!

The next thing she saw was this:

Running ...

Jazz?  Is nuts.  (she’s the one on the left, Beanie’s the little one on the right) She runs and runs and runs and runs then stops and then runs some more after she bites at Beanie and gets her mad enough to  chase her again.  Nuts.

Then RR came home and Jazzy showed off her mad skillz (she jumps into your arms on command now – most of the time.  *ahem*):

Jazzy Jump-Up

and her tongue.  She has serious tongue.  And jump skillz.  ;o)

Then there were many hours of spinning, eating and watching of movies.  We went to bed kinda early because…well, because I’m old and fall asleep after the 11 o’clock news and because we had to get up early the next morning to get to the fest….

…where we saw the usual suspects (and blog free Manise and Sharon – and I hope I didn’t forget anyone but I probably did and I’m sorry, we all know I have no memory and I suck) …and sheep and wool and wheels and stuff and more stuff and…and…well, I’m just going to show you more pictures:

Sheep ...

The hill...

So predictable...

Is it Christmas?

Those last two?  You can’t get any more predictable than that.  (Risa buying Neopolitan flavored roving and Laurie cleaning out the fleece sale) ;op

Then I had a little get-together at the house where I may have imbibed a drinky or two and completely forgot to use the camera.  Oopsies.  Though there are some pictures here (scroll down…you can see Sarah and Tamara and Michelle and Harriet and Tim and Diane (blog-free)…and…and…I think that’s it).

Oh and you’re just going to have to wait ’til Friday to see what I bought…and what was gifted to me.  ;o)

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21 thoughts on “What a weekend!

  1. Thanks again for having us on Saturday and changing my opinion of Mini-Pinies. Yours are sweet and loving and not at all like the nasty one who held me at bay that time. It’s so great seeing all the write-ups of Cummington, and getting to experience it again through other people’s eyes.

    Harriet’s last blog post..Nothing to See Here….Move Along

  2. OH yes, I drove so far to see the flowers ;) Thank you again for having me! I enjoyed it muchly.

    Yes, I know, go figure. I don’t set out to buy more neapolitan roving. It just happens.

    And Jazz? Definitely nuts. I really enjoyed watching her run and run and run.. oh and nip at Beanie’s feet to get her to run some more.

    Risa’s last blog post..Still Busy

  3. you guys in the New England area have the best fibre festivals!
    I’d compete with Laurie at the fleece sale though. *blush*
    Love the peonie! Your garden looks great. I miss having a garden. I have a patio.

    lynne s of oz’s last blog post..Move along vII

  4. I had a great time at your picnic. You have some very nice friends. Can’t wait to see what YOU bought! And I have to tell my little story about your dogs here:

    After I had RSVP’d to JessaLu, I was reading her blog and saw a photo of her dogs. My stomach started to hurt a little and I started wondering what I was getting into. I wrote an e-mail to Sarah saying that JessaLu’s dogs look a little scary, I’m not so sure about what we are doing… Obviously, I decided to be brave and did go off to JessaLu’s with Sarah. I was SO relieved when we arrived and these cute little dogs came out to greet us! Always hesitant, I had to ask if they were her *only* dogs before I could completely let my guard down though.

    Jazz and Beanie are very cute dogs Jessalu, and they do look much more in proportion in this blog post than in the other, lol!

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