May? Is dead to me. Or at least my socks for May are for the time being. I truly do not like them BUT I have gotten permission from my partner in crime Cookie to work on them over the course of the year to try to have them done by January 1.

This meant I was free to choose my June socks! I decided to document it this month so I can’t be accused of, um…softening the results. ;o)

Here is my ‘sock club bin’ (I don’t think I’ve shared it with you before this):


Hmmm…I guess I’ll take…this one.

My choice

what's inside?

Is it just me or does the bag seem to be…staring at me…ohwell. It took me a moment to work up the nerve but I managed to rip it open:

Firestarters !

YAY! Yarn I love…pattern I can’t wait to knit! Woo!

ETA: pattern link – sorry about that!