…the one with yet another walk through the garden.

I thought for sure I’d be showing you peonies this week but Mother Nature has had other ideas (although RR said they’d be blooming *last* week.  I guess his powers of prediction do not extend to herbaceous peonies…yes, I have been gloating over this.  No, I’m not proud of it).  This is what my peonies look like right now:

Stubborn Peonies

They are so. stubborn.  I’m starting to wonder if they’re going to bloom at all or if the tightly squeezed shut balls will just drop off out of spite.  Peonies can be persnickety bitches.  ;o)

So, you get Azaleas:


and Rhododendrons (with a visitor):

My Rhodies

Still pretty, right?  Have a great weekend!


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14 thoughts on “ECF…

  1. Azaleas! And Rhodies! Love them! I can’t wait until I can plant them, now that I may have figured out the seasons here. Cool and rainy, warm and rainy, hot and humid, warm

    Stacey’s last blog post..Notes from the edge

  2. Hey, I was going to comment that Carole’s ECF photo looked a lot like your first photo… but Carole beat me to it. Hmph.

  3. My peonies look the same. They always amaze me with their stinginess and then they explode! Your azaleas & Rhododendrons look beautiful. I love both, but I don’t think my soil is acidic enough.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Mass Sheep & Wool!

  4. Did you sneak ove to Carole’s for the peony pic or did she senak ove to your house?? BTW – the knitting girls LOVED their new box bags at their party this week!

    deb’s last blog post..Head, Shoulders . . .

  5. Manise says:

    As soon as your rhodie in the bottom photo stops blooming your peony will open up. I have the same one. That’s what happened here. My peonies just opened on Wednesday. Beautiful red btw!

  6. Is that a mollis azalea? A deciduous one? I love them. Mum had them and they would be ablaze with bloom, totally covered, then in autumn they got fall colours too!
    Pretty rhodo – lovely clear mauve.
    Better choof off and see what Carole’s peony looks like I guess!

    lynne s of oz’s last blog post..Stash catch-up

  7. Hmmm. Mine have busted out all over. Yours will too, since I think you are just a touch colder than my zone. Then you will love them even more.

    Laurie’s last blog post..Etherhooper

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