I crissed…

…instead of crossed.

On Saturday, I picked up my Knotty Gloves for the first time in quite a while.  I’m at the point on the first glove where you’re done with the thumb gusset and are about to start the fingers.  I slipped it on to admire my lovely cabling and noticed a slight problem.

Knotty Gloves - over not under

The cable that’s at the very tippy top of the knot?  Is going over when it’s supposed to go under.  Crap.  I know that it’s not something that will jump out at the average person and I know that it’s not even something a knitter would notice (or even a Knitter, for that matter) but now that *I* have noticed it, it’s STARING. at. me.  *sigh*

So, for most of that row, I tried to talk myself into ignoring it.  I made it most of the way around, then when I flipped the glove over to finish the row, the knot was facing me.  Guess what?  The over-instead-of-under was glaring at me like a ginormous zit on a prom queen’s forehead. *sigh* again.

Major surgery was in order.  I gathered all my tools, my crochet hook, my size 1 dpn’s, my row counter (since I was dropping down to a charted part of the glove, I wanted to keep track of what row I was on) and I poured myself a cosmo.

Then I dropped. stitches.  Six of them, and I went down 36 rows. When I got down to where I needed to be, I put the stitches on a dpn, then put whole mess down and stared at it for a minute.  Then I took a picture.  Because I wanted to share my pain jubilation.

Knotty Gloves - uhmyikes?

Then, with shaking hands, I picked it up and fixed the cable.  I knit up about six rows and noticed another problem.

I had knitted through the back loop on one of the stitches ON TOP OF THE DAMNED CABLE.  GAH!

So…I dropped down the six rows I had just knit, and fixed it AGAIN.  Making sure I didn’t screw up AGAIN.  Then proceeded to knit up 36 rows to the current row.  When I got up to the current row, I put the glove down again and gazed at what I had done:

Knotty Gloves - all fixed!

…then I drank the cosmo.  ;o)


p.s. For those who are interested,  there’s another CSM on the market! Risa has decided she doesn’t want her NZAK anymore.  :o(

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28 thoughts on “I crissed…

  1. Like I said on Facebook, I knew you could do it! I laughed when I read you had to do it twice though, ’cause that’s so something I would do too. Woman, I feel your pain.

    I will admit that secretly I love it when I have do something like that and it works out all right in the end. Kind of makes you feel like a knitting goddess.

    Tina M.’s last blog post..No No. 1

  2. I must say I felt a little short of breath as I read your post. I’m so glad you were able to do the fix. I’d have needed more than a cosmo after that!

    Karen’s last blog post..Alive, really.

  3. Laurie says:

    I DID wonder about the timing of that Cosmo. Congratulations! That is a very complex fix.

  4. I’d have gone for the straight vodka – the sweet stuff would have made me jumpy! Well played – congrats on such a delicate surgery. The patient seems to be recovering nicely.

    deb’s last blog post..Camp Redux

  5. Bravo, but I’m going to join the chorus in saying that I probably would have left it. Having said that, i prolly would have left the cosmo for AFTER the fix ;)

    PS thanks for the shout-out on the NZAK.

    Risa’s last blog post..Rounds

  6. Yay for You! I’d have done the same thing cause I think you’re right on the zit thing, only I probably wouldn’t have gotten it fixed, even with maybe 5 tries. So right now? Yeah, you’re looking like a knitting hero to me. :)

    Chris’s last blog post..Oh, That Felt Good

  7. Awesome fix! I have to admit to you that I noticed it in the photo before I read the post. I think you did the right thing! It’s such a symmetrical pattern, can’t mess with that! Plus, it means you always rule your knitting, your knitting doesn’t rule you. No reason you should cut knitting more slack than you do your teenage daughter:) You show it who’s boss!

    Robin Marie’s last blog post..I’m so glad I was in the Colombia section

  8. I am in awe. What a fix.

    I think I just would have made the second one to match. But I’m a knitting wuss.

    Though I guess if it became irretrievably messed up, one could have just ripped it all back.

    But still, I am in awe!

    Sarah R’s last blog post..The Return Of The Camera

  9. Even though I have been knitting for years, I cannot drop stitches and fix a cable. Regular knitting yes, cables no. If I ever try again I will try the Cosmo first and see how it goes. :)

    Karen’s last blog post..Ten on Tuesday

  10. Good for you! I would have fixed it too. Unlike Opal I can fix most things in cables and “regular” knitting, but lace gives me fits. I’m working on it.

    Diane’s last blog post..This means war

  11. Well done! It’s very pretty. I used to panic about dropping down and fixing mistakes until I saw a friend who has knit for 20+ years do it. She laid out the knitting on a table with a bright light and went at it like surgery. I’d always tried to fix the thing in my lap. So much easier the surgical way. Lace though–I just try really hard not to screw up.

    Brenda’s last blog post..FO: Leaf Lace Shawl

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