Ten on Tuesday…

…the one with all the stuff I like to do with ‘me’ time.

1.  Read a book.  I don’t do well with interruptions when I’m reading, it makes me cranky, so I save it for when I know I’m not going to be interrupted.

2.  Knit

3.  Spin

4. Go to the diner with a book.  ;o)

5.  Sew something for myself.

6.  Watch a movie  – usually an Austen movie since I don’t like to subject RR to hours of Regency romance or wet Mr. Darcy’s – while I spin or knit.

7.  Watch Grey’s Anatomy (R would probably watch with me but it’s turned into a ‘me’ show – though I almost dropped it during the creepy sex-with-a-ghost-jump-the-shark phase.  Still not sure if I care who lives or dies).

8.  Add stuff to my Ravelry queue.

9.  Look at all the stuff my friends have added to their Ravelry queues.  ;o)

10.  Knit something on the CSM.

So tell me, what do you all like to do with your ‘me’ time?


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15 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday…

  1. I’m kind of “eh” about Grey’s Anatomy at this point, too, but will say that the second half of this season was MILES better than the first half!

    Reading is #1 on my list too, though … which I’m guessing doesn’t come as a surprise?

    –Deb’s last blog post..Chuck Me Monday-2

  2. Well, as my hubby has been gone for 5 weeks I’ve had a lot of time to contemplate “me” time. I’ve spent a good bit of it reading, a lot of it working on my quilt that had languished for lack of a lace to put my sewing machine, I’ve spun a fair bit, I’ve knitted a little and I have watched “What Not to Wear” and varios Gordon Ramsey shows. It’s been great fun, but I would prefer small doses of me time instead of this big swath. :)

  3. Mmmmm Mr Darcy goes swimming (in the Colin Firth version of course). Greys was just eh this season. All the Izzie drama was a little much but the season finale was better. Let’s hope they move on next season.

    I’m with you on not getting interrupted while reading. That’s why I save it for lunch hour at work or commuting. No family around to interrupt.

    Hillary’s last blog post..Ten on Tuesday -10 Favorite Things to do During "Me" Time

  4. I like your list and want to do all of them, as well. Haven’t had much me time for about 2 months but when I DO, I’m going to make my own list. I’m pretty sure there will be travel involved, as well as knitting and books. :-)

    Laurie (Moo!)’s last blog post..Still Quiet

  5. Do you really want to know what I do with my almost never ending me time? Knit, spin, read ravelry, hope someone has commented on my blog, read books (fiction, non-fiction, online stuff sometimes even learning things), play with material (can’t really call it sewing or quilting given the results!), garden (as much as I can on the patio and inside window ledges), avoid the housework (hard to do in such a small place but I manage ;-), tunisian crochet an enormous rug, ride my bike, take pictures of varying quality…. I like the idea of watching an Austen or two – a wet Mr Darcy!!! Oooh la la!
    (I sympathise with the wrong crossed cable – the number of times I’ve had to refix something I screwed up but thank heavens this is knitting and not something that can’t be unscrewed up!)

    lynne s of oz’s last blog post..Wotisit Monday 6

  6. I love to read and knit mostly. I am addicted to mystery novels, so I’ve been getting some mysteries from Netflix with the idea I can knit while I watch (I can’t read and knit at the same time like a lot of other people). I also catch up on favorite podcasts while knitting.

    Brenda’s last blog post..FO: Leaf Lace Shawl

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