For Cookie…

…because she threw a gauntlet at me.  Or something.  ;op~

Over the weekend, I became embroiled in an email controversy.  It was a small one, but meaningful to me.

You see, Cookie didn’t believe me when I told her just how horrible my first ‘skein’ of handspun truly was.  I had complemented her on her freshly beaten skein and told her that I wish my first handspun was as nice as hers.  She replied that was not her first skein and her first skein was, as she put it, “a hot mess”.  HA!  I said!  No way was it worse than my first skein!  She didn’t believe me.  The gauntlet had been thrown.

So, just to prove a point, I shall now dangle my dirty laundry in front of the whole interwebs.  Brace yourselves, you may want to avert your eyes:

First Handspun

That is roughly 1 oz of BFL.  From Foxfire Farm.  That fiber in no way deserved the horrible, unspeakable things I did to it.  *sigh*

It was spun on a Bosworth drop spindle (fitting since Sheila taught me to spin at Cummington in 2006) and then – are you ready for this? – Navajo plied on the same drop spindle.  Because I wanted to conserve the colors.  Because I thought I’d knit with it.

Except I’ll never knit with it.  Want to know why?  I need the reminder of where I started.  I had no problem finding this little skein because I keep it on the same shelf as my iPod speaker in my craft room, so I can see it.  So I can remember that I have the capacity to truly suck at something when I make the first attempt.  (you should have seen the first box bag I ever made – it’s on the same shelf, hehe)

The shelf below that holds my basket of handspun, the handspun that I am most proud of.  The handspun that looks like this:

What my Navajo Plying Looks like Now!

Why right there?  Close to my first?  So I can see what I can accomplish when I apply myself.  So I have a reminder to not give up because I may have screwed up.  Because screwing up is an important lesson, it shows you how to not screw up.  ;o)

Of course, that first skein can also be considered ‘artsy’ since it’s thick and thin and you know what?  I couldn’t spin like that anymore if I tried.

p.s.  I am very proud to have one of my Stitched bags added to the prize basket for Claudia’s MS ride donation drawing!  For every $10 you donate, you get a chance to win one of some very nice prizes!  Please head on over there and donate so we can help her get the #1 on her jersey for one more year (and, of course, support a very worthy cause)!

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20 thoughts on “For Cookie…

  1. I agree with you – I kept my first (horrific) handspun skein. Just so I’d remember how totally awful it was, and where I am now.

  2. I think it’s great that you saved that yarn. It’s important to see where you started and just how far you’ve come.

  3. Wow your first skein is amazingly good as compared to mine. I found it at the bottom of my sock yarn basket yesterday. It faintly resembles lines from the boat but in merino. Oy. I’ll never knit with mine either, and not cause I don’t knit in chunky yarn but like you, as a reminder of how far I’ve come.

  4. You Navajo plied your first time spinning?!?!? Come on, now, you cannot say that your first skein totally sucks. Nope.

    You really have come a long way, though. Glad you keep that first skein nearby to remind yourself.

  5. I think your first spun yarn is wonderful and I’ll try to remember to post some of my early yarn (not that I’ve spun much total) when I get home. But your most proud of handspun is amazing!

    CatieP’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

  6. I don’t think that it’s so incredibly bad for a first skein! Spinning looks easier than it is and yours actually looks like yarn!

    Joanne’s last blog post..Toe-Up?

  7. Wow! That is quite an improvement! I usually don’t need a visual reminder of the screw ups; they are seared on my memory. But I do need to remind myself that I have improved.

    I always support Claudia’s ride in honor of my grandmother, who is 94, and lost a favorite sister to MS 70 years ago.

    Brenda’s last blog post..WIPs: the Agony and the Ecstacy

  8. I agree. Your first skein sucks. Your best skein is amazing – looks millspun. You’ve come a long way, Grasshopper!
    My first skein is somewhere at home I think. Half of it is thick then I was shown how thin I could draft the top and the other half is thinnish. Then I plied it against itself. LOL

    lynne s of oz’s last blog post..Fo and a new photographic low

  9. Wonderful gauntlet! I like the starting, where I am now thing. I have my first hand spun too hanging out. I do well on the spindle, but not so much on the wheel. I guess more practice and patience. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

    Stacey’s last blog post..Friday Fill-In’s

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