…the one with all the holy crap how big is your garden, anyway?! ;o)

An update on the nature trying to kill me – it’s way better now. Whatever it was is either done flowering or dead or whatever, thank goodness. I can breathe again and I’m way less cranky! (RR is very happy about the last one…) ;o)

So…since the whining is over (for now) on to the pretty (and since you guys have had to listen to so much whining lately, you get extra pretty this week):


Not 100% sure...

(the above plant was last seen here – pretty cool, isn’t it?)

English Rose...

My roses are blooming! yay!! (I didn’t lose any roses this winter, either! double yay!!)

Another clematis...

Another clematis above and below, another peony!

Another Peony...

As always, after the page loads, if you clickety the pictures they’ll get bigger and you can click through them like a slideshow.

So, that’s all for this week, have a great weekend! I might even have some more eye candy for you on Monday… ;o)


p.s. How many of you rushed out to get your new 3G S today? ;op

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