I think I’m going to need an Ark.

…seriously?!?!  This is getting ridiculous.  It won’t stop raining.  I’m pretty sure I have an indoor swimming pool in my basement (I don’t know because I’m afraid to actually check) and I was just stuck in a hotel with a few hundred car show people for four days of rain that was at times akin to biblical deluge.  It was…interesting.  ;o)

I spent most of Saturday sitting in the hotel lobby with Amelia (my Sonata, for those who are new to this here bliggity blog) freaking out the car people (since it was raining, they were all in the hotel lobby, most of them were staring at me).  I answered lots of questions, which was cool, and became exhausted because I don’t do crowds well.  RR was by my side for most of it and while he can answer some questions, he tends to let me answer the more technical ones (the, “are you sewing?” ones usually fall into my domain).  ;o)  I think Tina may be right and I need to make a sign that says, “I am making yarn, I will not knit you a sweater/sock/scarf and no, I do not know what I will knit with the yarn when I am done, but thanks for looking!”  and hope that helps cut down on the stress of it all.  Of course, I could just not spin in public and that would definitely cut down on the questions, hehe

Anywho, because of said rain I couldn’t get many car photos but I did get a sunset:

Father's Day Car Show 2009 - Sunset on Friday

…on the one day it didn’t rain, Friday.  And, a car belching fire:

Father's Day Car Show 2009 - Flaming Cars!

…also taken on the one day it didn’t rain.

All the time I got to spend with the wheel this weekend added up to two skeins of handspun.  They are waiting for their ‘before’ photos, after which they will get a nice hot bath and a thwacking which will make them all ready for their blog debut on Wednesday – just wait, they’re gorgeous!  You’ll love ’em!


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17 thoughts on “I think I’m going to need an Ark.

  1. Marina says:

    Awesome pictures! Maybe you look too friendly? I put on my best grumpy face and I seldom look up and never make eye contact, so people tend to leave me alone when I KIP ;-)

  2. great pictures!

    the one time i spun in public that wasnt’ a purposeful demo, no one asked me questions. i must look mean or something. o.O

    Opal’s last blog post..ECF:

  3. The weather seems to be at extremes lately. Your either saturated or dehydrated. It is hot as heck down here, with no rain right now.

    I’ve never spun in public but can imagine all the questions you must have gotten. I get a lot of comments when I knit in public. One of the most recently was how it was interesting that I knit since it’s one of those forgotten arts that nobody ever does anymorem, huh?. That person would have really been impressed with spinning.

    The car photos are awesome!

    Kris’s last blog post..Friday Photo and fill ins

  4. Yep – rain here for the next 3 friggin days. I am so sick of it.

    I find I don’t have much patience for questions either when I spin in public. Maybe because when I spin it’s my relaxation time. And relaxing for me doesn’t mean answering 4012321654 redundant questions.

    I think the lack of sunshine is making me cranky, huh?

    Donna’s last blog post..Ten on Tuesday

  5. 1) Is the car supposed to be belching fire?

    2) Why do you thwack your yarn after spinning/washing? I didn’t know you were supposed to do that. I’ve been washing and hanging to dry….

    3) The only comments I mind are when strangers ask if I’ll make them something, even when it’s said jokingly. The assumption seems to be that what I’m doing has little value, therefore it’s OK to ask and they’re doing me a favor by keeping me busy. A discussion of what I’d charge for a pair of socks usually ends it.

    Diane’s last blog post..Here comes summer

  6. Ask Tina about her best response to the “what are you going to do with it?” question about spinning. It was just about a year ago. or so.

    Harriet’s last blog post..Red Scarves

  7. Very cool! Yeah, I like racing. I grew up doing dirt track (sprint and go carts) and now Texas has introduced me to the world of drag racing. He’s on the crew of an outlaw fuel altered.

    Stacey’s last blog post..Friday Fill-In’s

  8. People don’t ask me questions about knitting, they just STARE Not Stare with an S, STARE. Like, I can feel holes burning in my brain. It’s very weird. I think the dreadlocks do it. Maybe you need dreadlocks?

    I’m so sorry to hear about all the rain! I hear horror stories about the gardens, and I know my dad is having a helluva time on the farm. I hope it clears up soon!!

    Robin Marie’s last blog post..And if fate should break my stride, then I’ll give you my Vincent to ride…

  9. make a sign. some people will be sure to ignore it anyway, but hopefully it will cut down on the malarky.
    And was the car REALLY belching flame? Was it supposed to????

    Carol’s last blog post..

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